Giants Beat Padres; Giants 7, Padres 1


So, despite this game being a blowout, it had a little bit of everything: umpires blown calls, umpires calls being overturned, three run dongs and Melk Men flying in the stands.

Lets start off with the luckiest and unluckiest man of the day: Brandon Crawford. In the top of the first inning with runners on the corners and two outs, Brandon Crawford had a base hit to left field that was trapped by the San Diego left fielder Mark Kotsay. However, the third base umpire had other ideas and called Crawford out. After an abrupt commercial break, Bruce Bochy asked for the umpires to confirm and overturned the original umpires decision. Crawford got a base hit an RBI and all was right with the world. Fast forward to the bottom of the sixth inning and Crawford hit a double. Before the first pitch to Ryan Vogelsong, with Crawford standing on second base, the pitcher throws to first base and Crawford was called out. The umpire stated Crawford did not touch first base but, replays showed that Crawford was safe at first and the double should have not been overturned. Crawford showed his frustration in the bottom of the eighth when he grounded out and slammed his foot on first base. He said something (we couldn’t tell from the replay) and it was enough to get him thrown out of the game.

Next up…how about Buster Posey. Is there any other hotter hitter on the planet? He’s hitting over .500 since the all star break. He had three hits, two runs and four RBIs tonight. He leads the major league in RBIs since the all star break. Did I mention he was only the 34th right handed hitter to hit an opposite field homerun in the arcade in right field?! Not only is he hot at the plate but, he’s staying hot behind the plate when he threw out Logan Forsythe in the top of the third.

Usually hot milk is not a good thing but, Melky Cabrera aka the Melk Man has been crossing the plate a lot being slotted in front of the aforementioned Posey. Melky was 3 for 4 with two runs. He got an infield hit in the first that started the Giants 4 run rally. His defense is good too. He tracked down a ball in foul territory and landed in the stands. Luckily, the support of Giants fans pushed him out onto the field and came out running with the ball in his glove and a smile on his face. Brian Sabean, please, please resign the Melk Man.

Ryan Theriot was 3 for 4 tonight, and scored 2 runs. I feel like that is an understatement to what he’s bringing to this team right now. He’s really been a solid veteran player lately and it’s been nice to have his consistent bat in the lineup and glove on the field. Other offensive contributors include Angel Pagan who got an RBI walk and Joaquin Arias who basically grounded into a double play BUT Pablo Sandoval blocked the ball from being seen and the shortstop’s only play was to second base. Sandoval looked good at first base today and Arias defense at third was good as well.

Lost in this offensive outburst was, Ryan Vogelsong who pitched 7 excellent innings of one run ball. His final line was 7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, 6 SO. Vogelsong also pitched through an error in the top of the second.

Overall this was a good game. Madison Bumgarner takes the hill tomorrrow and has been real nasty at home.