Mets GM Sandy Alderson Uphappy about All-Star Game Voting


Mets GM Sandy Alderson took to twitter the past couple of days to share a little of his feelings about Pablo Sandoval being voted into the All-Star Game over David Wright. The winner of the fan vote gets the starting role. Wright will still be a part of the team in a reserve role.

Here is what he had to say about it:

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone in the baseball world knows Wright has had a better season than Sandoval. Sandoval has only played about 45 games this season due to his injury. That said, two years ago, he had a better season than Wright and Wright got voted in. Where was the outcry then?

But that’s just it. The All-Star Game selection of position player starters is a vote by fans. It says, “vote for your favorite players.” I mean, they let you vote 25 times from each email address. MLB knows it’s a popularity contest. No where does it say you have to vote for the “best.” Should it be that way? Probably. But it’s not. Panda was voted in by the rules. If Alderson wants to blame someone, blame those 8 million people that he thinks should have been voting for Wright. Blame the Mets front office for not promoting the vote as much as the Giants did. Blame MLB for creating a system full of flaws and that is basically a joke. Better yet, petition to get it changed. By all means, don’t whine on Twitter. It makes him look like a cry baby. The Fansided Met’s site, Rising Apple did a nice write up about how the system is broken. That is a bit more of the attitude that should be had. Personally, I think Sandy should spend more time making his team better than on Twitter. Alderson’s move showed just how little class and respect for baseball he actually has. Remember, there’s no crying in baseball!

But as for you, Sandy Alderson, by all means, continue bashing your fans for not voting, then bashing Giants fans because we did vote. And maybe next year, you’ll get your wish and we’ll elect a “ball dude” to start at 3B. In the meantime, take the All-Star Game for what it is: a meaningless game in the middle of the season that was broken long before Giants fans voted maybe the 2nd best 3B in the NL in as the starter. Oh, the horror.

Hat tip to The City Graphics for the story.