Giants Sweep Dodgers; Tied for 1st in NL West


27 X 0 = 0; Giants 3, Losers (Dodgers) 0.

You know what was great about this series? I can count how many runs the Dodgers scored on less than one hand! I can use the same multiplier and get the answer to the question, Zero times anything is 0. I can also make similes like: One a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being the least) how much I like the Dodgers is like how many runs the Dodgers scored during this three game series. Zero is a great magic number for the opposing team. If the Giants staff can continue this rate of keeping the oppositions score at 0, I predict a 100% win rate.

Tim Lincecum was vintage Lincecum, he looked good over the 7 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 2 BB and 8 Ks. The only extra base hit was to the opposing pitcher Chad Billingsley, which coincidentally was the only Dodger to reach 3rd base during the entire series. Billingsley advanced to third base on a wild pitch in the 3rd inning. Then Lincecum threw another wild pitch and Lincecum blocked home plate as Billingsley came running in. Hector Sanchez threw the ball to Lincecum who tagged Billingsley out. This kept the Dodgers off the board. The best part about the play was that Timmy’s glove came off, but he kept holding on. When the ump called the out, I can imagine he said (or at least was thinking) his classic phrase of “F- Yeah!”

You know the old saying in baseball, when you make a terrific defensive play in the previous inning, you’re bound to have a great at-bat. Well after Brandon Crawford grounded out softly, Tim Lincecum started a two run rally by hitting a single into left field. Gregor Blanco ground out and Lincecum was able to advance to second. After Ryan Theriot singled to get Lincecum to third, Melky Cabrera hit a double to get the first RBI of the game. Buster Posey walked the bases loaded with Angel Pagan coming to the plate. Pagan has been in a funk but, got an RBI walk to make the score 2-0. After the bases were loaded with two outs Pablo Sandoval was came to the plate. The only thing on Sandoval’s mind was getting the ball out of AT&T Park and Billingsley took advantage as Sandoval struck out to end the inning.

In the top of the fourth inning Hector Sanchez made an amazing catch on Elian Herrera bunt attempt. Click here to check out the short video.

In bottom of the fifth inning the Giants added another run after Ryan Theriot doubled to start the inning, Melky Cabrera sent him to third on a fly ball to right field, Buster Posey walked and Angel Pagan hit a single to score Theriot easily. Hopefully, Pagan is seeing the ball a little bit better and will continue the spark he had earlier in the season.

Javier Lopez pitched 0.2 inning in the eighth and Serigio Romo got his fourth save of the season retiring the final four Dodgers. The last out was to Bobby Abreu who can work a count very well but was caught looking on the final strike of the game.

Overall, this was a great series as, they have tied the Bums from down south for the NL West. Timmy got the win and has seemingly got his mojo back (at least he did today). It was also the first time the Giants have had a 3 game shutout of the Dodgers. I’m telling you, this series is will be the series that changed it if they continue on this path. Hopefully the Giants can continue to stay hot as former Giants manager Dusty Baker and his Cincinnati Reds come to town for a four game series.