Buster Bust out 3 RBIs; Giants 6, Brewers 4


The Giant beat the Brewers again tonight in Milwaukee, once again by using the long ball.

Buster Posey extended his home run streak to two games. He had three RBIs, his first RBI came when he hit a ground rule double to score Brandon Crawford from third base. His next two RBIs came when he hit a monster home run to dead center (the ball hit the bottom of the scoreboard) and scored him and Melky Cabrera.

Bottom of the first and Matt Cain gave up a leadoff triple and then, Niger Morgan hit a sac fly to Melky Cabrera. Cabrera threw a bullet home to Buster Posey to complete the double play, with Buster tagging the runner out a home plate. Leadoff triple negated.

Next up in the top of the fourth after Aubrey Huff walks and wouldn’t you guess that Joaquin Arias hits his first home run…ever! Giants up 4-0. What’s the stat when Matt Cain gets four or more runs of support? Yep, nearly impossible for the G-men to lose.

But, Matt Cain didn’t have a shut down in the bottom of the fourth giving up a single and two doubles to cut the Giants lead from 4 to 2.

Fast forward to the top of the sixth, Melky Cabrera walked and then Buster Posey hit his second homerun in two days. If you’re noticing a trend, it looks similar to 2010 when Aubrey Huff would get on base and Buster Posey would get him home. Hopefully this is a good trend. I wouldn’t mind if Pablo comes back in the five spot when he returns because I really like the three, four positions going to Cabrera and Buster. They are hitters period. Pablo Sandoval is a good hitter, but more of a free swinger and would do well when the opposing pitcher has been “worked” by the Melk Man and Posey.

In the bottom of the seventh Matt Cain gave up two singles and a double and the Giants lead was two again as the score was 6-4. If the bullpen hadn’t been so worked the evening before, there probably would have been a pitching change in the middle of the seventh but, given that the Giants had a four run lead, Cain finished the seventh.

Sergio Romo had a one, two, three eighth inning and Santiago Casilla go the save giving up one hit.

Shaun Marcum gave up three walks, two of the three ended up crossing home plate. The Giants had 6 Runs on 5 hits, three which were in the first inning but, the long ball came through tonight.

Bring out the brooms tomorrow morning.