Aubrey Huff “Not With Team”


In the midst of the beat down that the Giants gave the Mets in two games yesterday, an interesting story began to unfold. Within minutes of an Andrew Baggarly tweet about Huff leaving the team, the twitterverse was blowing up with speculation as to WHY? Here’s what the tweet said:

"Andrew Baggarly‏ @CSNBaggsAubrey Huff was not at the ballpark today. He texted Bochy this morning, said he had to handle a personal issue."

For the fans who may have thought it was “fishy,” Baggs later tweeted:

"Andrew Baggarly‏ @CSNBaggsIn case anyone suspects Aubrey Huff’s family emergency is fishy, I’m told it’s not. He flew to Florida this morning."

So, the story goes something like this per Baggs and random tidbits picked up: Aubrey Huff texted Bruce Bochy very early in the morning to tell him he had a family emergency and would try to meet the team in Cincinnati. This stuff happens. Even MLB players have family emergencies. I think it was more of the unusual timing that called this event into question. I mean, Huff has been getting it left and right lately. He’s coming off one of his worst performances in a Giants uniform ever after the Saturday game with the Mets. The fans are calling for his head on a platter and even the sports writers and broadcasters are starting to lose patience with him. Just yesterday morning, Mike Krukow had some strong words about Huff on KNBR saying:

"Brian Murphy‏@knbrmurph Strong Krukow, on Huff misplay: “I mean come on! What the hell are you thinking about? It’s unacceptable. This is the big leagues.”#SFGiants"

Ray Ratto jumped into the debate in the postgame saying the fact that Huff didn’t call Bochy, and opted for texting instead was highly unusual for a player to do that in that type of situation given that it was early in the morning and there was no guarantee that he would get the text until much later.

So basically, all we have is that Huff is supposedly in Florida for a family emergency. Bochy said it was apparently very important, and that Huff may be back with the team in Cincinnati. None of the sports writers or broadcasters have said they didn’t believe his story (to my knowledge), but of course, who would? If you’re wrong, you come across as the biggest jerk on the planet. Me, personally? I think there is substance to his story, but I think it definitely needs to be watched to see how it plays out. But who cares what I think…what do you guys think? Is Aubrey Huff away for a legitimate family emergency, or is the timing a bit too convenient for you and you think he’s off sulking or figuring himself out for a few day? Or something else, like Bochy told him to take a few days off?