How Long Can The San Francisco Giants Wait On Freddy Sanchez?


Nobody wants to think it, let alone say it – but you have to wonder what’s going to become of Freddy Sanchez as a San Francisco Giant.

A while back, Andrew Baggarly tossed out speculation that maybe, just maybe, Sanchez’s injury was worse than we were being told and his career might be in jeopardy (how bout that promotional transition to your Jeopardy appearance, Baggs?) but the Giants were quick to retaliate with positive news, saying that Sanchez would soon join up with the Grizzlies for a short rehab stint and make his way to the Giants by early May, hopefully the first week.

But more “minor” setbacks have occurred. Multiple, “minor” setbacks. Then Sanchez was to start off in Single-A San Jose before going for an extended trip to Fresno, a change of plans. And now we sit, March 20th, and Sanchez hasn’t even taken part in any activities in San Jose, hell, he’s not even there. Freddy’s “rehab” has already fallen a month behind schedule as he was to play his first game on April 16th for the San Jose club and he’s still in Arizona nursing his shoulder.

As much as I love the guy, it’s safe to say given his track record, he wont be winning any iron man awards so given the nature of this pretty horrific injury and the inability to get back on the field – you have to wonder, does Sanchez even return to the Giants, let alone be effective if he does? And when do they have to look for outside help?

Giving credit where credit is due, Emmanuel Burriss has played a very respectable second base this year and it can be assumed that Brian Sabean is letting the longtime Giant AAAA player find his way before making a move, but it’s becoming more and more clear that the Giants are going to have to forget about the potential of a Freddy Sanchez return. Even if Sanchez, at some point this year, does make it back – it’s not going to be the Sanchez we’ve grown accustom to the past few years. It’s heartbreaking, really, but it’s becoming a cold reality.

As much as I’d love to see him return and be effective, it’s not looking good. With at least a near month alone of rehab in the Minor’s and the fright of playing with a shoulder that could snap like a sheet of ice with an ill-timed dive or throw, the clock is slowly and sadly, ticking.