Series Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Ice Cream


You’re not reading this because the Giants had a great opening weekend. This weekend was tough to watch: 3 1-run losses, and you’re just hoping the law of averages picks this team up. However, even though it’s not like the Giants got swept by the Orioles, or the Mets, Giants fans know these were all three perfectly winnable games.

The Good

Pablo Sandoval: A throwing error in the first game, yes, but hits in all three games, striking out (and walking) only once, including a Pandabomb. You could argue his throw pulled Posey off the bag in the final game, but Posey’s positioning to me was also suspect.

Posey’s bat: Two multi-hit games makes me pretty confident the Golden Boy is back with his bat. His HR that plated 3 didn’t even look to me like he got all of it yet was hit to the deepest part of the yard.

Brett Pill: Small sample size and everything, he did no wrong with a lot of the fanbase’s eyes on him.

Romo, Hensley, Lopez, Mota: All contributed and gave the team a chance to win. Other members had some blip and fell victim to the culprit that is baseball.

14 runs against a potential playoff team in 3 games: We all know that may warrant at least 2 wins in a 3 game series for these boys.

The Bad

The Starters: 5, 4, 5 ER for Lincecum, MadBum, and Cain, respectively, and Cain went the longest at 6.0 IP. The control was more than lacking, but maybe this is all Opening Day jitters… which would be odd for a staff that did pretty well in a certain 2010 World Series. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen again, but I’m at a loss for an explanation: Spring Training wasn’t long enough? Poor scouting reports? If I know my starters though, this is not a problem that will become a consistent worry.

Buster’s defense: Three errors, including a throw to 3rd on a bunt that was kind of risky. He’s still getting his bearings, but you can imagine this has taken him out of the Gold Glove race. He’ll get back in it when he hits more though.

Pagan, Belt, Huff: I don’t put Crawford in here since he had an excellent AB against Collmenter when he plated 2 (only got credit for 1 RBI though with Parra’s error), and that was his first hit of the season. None of these four though actually looked all that good out there, and you hope Angel Pagan isn’t contracting a case of 2011-San-Francisco-Giants-leadoff-itis, because that’s why we got Angel Pagan.

The Ice Cream

Yes, this cold stone of a snack was ever-popular this weekend, what with the weather in the 70s-80s. I tried to find footage from Friday and Saturday, but I didn’t want to look through hours of video to just show you ice cream. So here’s Hank Schulman on his birthday enjoying some, apparently from Kruk and Kuip:

Happy birthday, big boyyyyyyyYYY!

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The Rockies, who lost 2 games to the Astros, which is awesome because the Astros are supposed to be horrible this year. And the Giants are certainly better than the Astros, which is why they beat up on them last ye–. You know what, forget it. Just, Barry Zito, throw up some zeroes for us. Thanks.