San Francisco Giants BiGR Headphones Review – Win Your Own Headphones Thanks to BiGR


When it comes to San Francisco Giants memorabilia or paraphernalia, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody with a collection greater than I. From autographed jerseys to a replica World Series ring, you name it, I have it. Well, except for one thing.

Being a huge music fan, one thing has always escaped my grasp and that’s a pair of good San Francisco Giants themed headphones. Yes, I’m sure we’ve all seen those silly, ugly, terrible sounding earbuds with a Giants or MLB logo on them. And if listening to static filled, no bass, flat treble and muffled vocals is your thing – then hey, who am I to stop you. But if you want to hear the way music was produced in studio, the way it’s made to be heard? Well, then you certainly need to get your grubby little paws on the newest release from BiGR Audio who has released a collection of Major League Baseball licensed headphones including our San Francisco Giants.

BiGR was kind enough to send me a pair to check out (and even more kind to give a pair to give to a loyal Around The Foghorn reader) and I have to say, I came away extremely impressed. While I don’t consider myself an audiophile, I do consider myself to be on the search for premier headphones and to be able to combine my love of music with the Giants? It can’t really get better than that, can it? That all said – let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this – the headphones.

Packaging: Seriously, I’ve never seen a pair of headphones more beautifully packaged. I know that might sound silly, but the aesthetics are wonderful. The headphones come in a beautifully crafted bamboo box with the Giants logo engraved/wood burnt in on the front of the box. In addition to that, there is a large baseball diamond with the Giants logo also engraved/wood burned atop the box. It’s up to you if you want to store your headphones in the natural fiber case (I would), but you certainly would want to display the box. It’s beautiful.

Inside the box: When you flip open the bamboo box, you’ll be greeted to your detachable flatwire cable (and that shouldn’t be overlooked). The flatness of the cable prevents any tangling and the shape of the plug in, unlike many other high quality headphones, is flat, meaning it doesn’t stick out and you aren’t continually smacking your hands against it. The cord is larger, but not overly thick (you wouldn’t notice) but the larger cord provides much better sound than many flimsy cords you’d get from cheaper headphones and trust me, you’ll notice the difference. Another great feature of the cord is that it’s detachable from the headphones themselves, as mentioned above. If in the rare case the cable somehow became broken, you’re not stuck buying a new pair of headphones- simply get a replacement cable and you’re good to go. It also features Ipod/Iphone/Ipad ready volume controls built into the cord (it should work with almost any smartphone, not just Apple products) which is nice when you don’t want to scroll through your device to lower/raise the sound or mute it.

Also inside the box is obviously the headphones, which are covered in an ultra-soft cleaning cloth which is also made from bamboo (have you ever felt how soft bamboo sheets are? Think extra plush), which will prevent any scuffs or scratches on your cans. The headphones are extremely well built, with a very soft padding atop the headband to go with the extremely soft ear pads. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever worn a more comfortable pair of headphones – they just melt into your head almost. I’ve worn them for two hours straight and haven’t even noticed that they’re on my head. They’re extremely comfortable to say the least. The material is super breathable as well, so don’t worry about sweaty ear-pads or ears – you’re safe there.

Headphone appearance: Some people are big on headphone appearance, others just care about the sound. Well, no worries here because both of the said scenarios are great. The headphones, obviously black and orange themed for the Giants have a shiny black gloss appearance with the Giants “SF” logo on each ear-cup along with the “SF” logo on both the back and front of the middle of the phones as you’ll see in the picture below. Also, the Giants script is along each side of the headphones right below the headband. The headband itself has white stitching on both sides (which you don’t see since it’s on top of your head), and it seems to melt right into the appearance. Make no mistake, the headphones aren’t completely plastered with the team logo – it’s tastefully done and not overbearing. They made them look really nice.

Headphone sound: Ah yes – the most important factor – how do these headphones sound? In a word? Great. I have a TON of headphones ranging from DJ styled headphones, to low and high quality earbuds to professional studio headphones. For what these are, and for the price, they’re a very good headphone. If you’re expecting $800 professional sound out of these, you’re going to be disappointed – but if you’re expecting a high quality pair of headphones, you’ve found the right pair for you.

I tried multiple genres of music with the headphones, from hip-hop to pop to country and all sounded fantastic. The bass is booming, but not overpowering. The vocals are crisp and clear. The highs are just right, the lows, not overly low. BiGR is known for their upper class headphones and they didn’t skimp on their new release.

Check out the specs for yourself:

"Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHzDriver Size: 50mmSPL: 98dB/mWImpedance: 32OhmsRecommend Power: 30mWMax Power: 400mWCable Length: 2mWeight (no cable): 241gPlug: 3,5m"

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Other winners will receive San Francisco Giant World Series Championship DVD’s.

If you’re interested in grabbing a pair (they also currently have the Padres, Yankees and Red Sox), visit BiGR’s website to grab your own or visit It doesn’t matter if you’re riding BART or a ferry to the game or sitting in the comfort of your own home, you’ll be sure to enjoy these.