Rockies Pass On Beltran, Giants Continue To Twiddle Thumbs


When it came to Carlos Beltran suiting up in the purple and black of the Colorado Rockies, I couldn’t think of many worse scenarios. Sure, Beltran in Dodger blue would be ghastly, but, I could maintain given their utility man based lineup. Padres? Never going to happen. D’Backs? They don’t have the money. Outside of the NL West? Please. But you just knew that if Beltran landed alongside Dinger, it would take years for us to get past it – and we’d never get the fingers back that we gnawed off when Beltran ripped a 14 run homer in the bottom of the 28th inning. Seriously – there’s just something dastardly about Coors Field. It’s like that hotel in the movie Hostel – some place in the depths of Coors, I imagine rusty chains and dull saws dripping with blood of NL West foes.

I’m seriously waiting for the Giants to hit a go-ahead homerun one time and then seeing Puff the Magic Dragon appear from behind the right center field trees to snatch the ball, Sandlot style. And don’t lie – so are you.

Thankfully though – Beltran isn’t going to be a Rockie as they’ve opted to go younger, signing Michael Cuddyer to a three-year, $31.5 million contract. Bullet, dodged.

As for Carlos, he currently has at least an offer ranging in the $10 million per year average, but, there’s no word on who that current offer is from – though early speculation is claiming it could be the Cardinals or Red Sox who continue to have on-again and off-again desires for the slugger.

I know Beltran creates a bit of a rift when it comes to Giant fans – yeah, he looks a bit lackadaisical in the outfield – yes, he’s good for at least one significant DL-trip a year, but he’s by far the best hitter on the market that’s obtainable for the Giants (even though according to them, he’s not).

I understand the Giants not being able to get into a bidding war for Beltran – if another team wants to go that route, then, they’re going to win his services but it’s downright shameful that the Giants can’t even muster up an offer which gives Beltran something similar to that of Cuddyer. Beltran passes? That’s fine. Let him reject you. But seeing what the Giants offense did down the stretch, I just don’t know how you pass on Beltran despite the financial hit (assuming it’s smartly spent money, *cough*Zito*cough*Rowand). I mean, it’s not like Beltran is swimming in offers – if it’s insulting to him, it’s insulting. You still need to make it.

An average offense (which is easily obtainable with the additions of Pagan, Cabrera and returns of Sanchez/Posey) gets this team into the 90 win vicinity and makes them a serious contender. Disgusting that the Giants wont dig into the depths of their couch cushions to not waste the pitching staff. We’re not asking for Prince Fielder – just give us a respectable offense.