So Brian Wilson And Carlos Beltran’s Agent Is Slightly Sleazy


Outside of Scott Boras, there aren’t many agents as influential in the Major League’s as Dan Lozano. The former Beverly Hills Sports Council scribe has quite the impressive list of clientele – Alex Rodriguez, Joey Votto, the Giants own Brian Wilson and Carlos Beltran, Jimmy Rollins and oh, that Albert Pujols guy who’s currently in search of the biggest contract in baseball history. Yeah, Lozano’s been doing alright for himself. But like every wannabe Ari Gold, stepping on people during your climb to the top is bound to yield an angry soul or two and Lozano apparently stepped on the wrong hand one too many times.

According to Deadspin, via USA Today, a plain envelope with no return address made its way to a handful of media outlets which included ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, Deadspin and more. Inside, you ask? Just some high profile names and stories along with pornographic photographs and documents outlaying Lozano’s sketchy timeline to power.

Seriously, check out some of the details after the jump:

"According to one competitor, Lozano “was known around the agent scene as a hooker ringleader,” and women were his primary and most effective method of wooing potential clients.Lozano often entertained prospective clients by bringing them to porn shoots, a co-worker says, but gradually he began dating adult film stars and escorts."

And when Lozano wasn’t partaking in adult themed activities, he was apparently stealing clients:

"Worse than any of this, as far as the industry is concerned, are accusations that Lozano stole clients. It would happen the same way every time, according to people who witnessed it. After a junior agent brought in a promising player, Lozano would insinuate himself into their relationship. He would insist on being present for any meeting. He would start hanging out with the player and become fast friends. Later, he would forbid any other BHSC agents from speaking to the player when he called. Soon it would be formalized: Young player X, in line for a handsome payday, was to be represented by Dan Lozano.Colleagues say it happened with Michael Young. It happened with Jimmy Rollins. And it certainly happened with Albert Pujols."

What this has to do with the Giants is little, outside of Brian Wilson and Carlos Beltran being represented by Lozano (though given Lozano’s Miami based ties and Beltran’s free agency, there might be more than meets the eye as the dropping of Boras was extremely odd) but it’s rather a small peak into the under-world of professional sports.

While Lozano has been caught and exposed via a spurned whistleblower (or jealous agent, as he claims), he’s not the only one. You can read Deadspin’s lengthy piece on the seedy nature of sport agents and Lozano by clicking here. Be warned, it is NOT for unmature eyes. From pictures to stories, it’s extremely adult oriented in nature, but beyond interesting and quite telling at the same time.

Let’s just hope next time Brian Wilson heads over to Charlie Sheen’s, Lozano will make other plans.