San Francisco Giants 2012 Promotion Schedule Released


Getting some type of “item” for attending a baseball game throughout the Major League’s has become almost a right of passage. Hell, chances are you can now even score some type of swag when you attend a Thursday afternoon get-a-way day.

As it pertains to the San Francisco Giants though, they’re always an industry leader when it comes to their promo marketing. Be it their creative commercials or catchy slogans (ITS MAGIC INSIDEZ!!1), the Giants bar-none have one of the best marketing divisions in all of professional sports…

And that brings me to the release of the San Francisco Giants 2012 Promo Schedule. When it comes to ballpark giveaways, few, if any, are more creative than the Giants. From snuggies to skateboards, the Giants giveaways always line the streets of Third and King, thousands upon thousands deep.

This morning, the Giants released their much anticipated promo schedule which you can find after the jump. And don’t worry, you don’t need 20K for season tickets or even need to live in San Francisco to get your mitts on this years crop of items. A simple phone call to the Giants Marketing Department and a couple hundred dollars will get the seasons package shipped to your door.

Now for the goodies:

  • Friday, Apr. 13 (Opening Day) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: Giants Calendars for first 40,000 fans
  • Saturday, Apr. 14 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Opening Night): Fireworks Night
  • Sunday, Apr. 15 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: Giants Welcome Mat for first 20,000 fans
  • Monday, Apr. 16 vs. Philadelphia Phillies: Giants Magnet Schedule for first 20,000 fans
  • Friday, Apr. 27 vs. San Diego Padres: Orange Friday Knit Cap for first 20,000 fans
  • Saturday, Apr. 28 vs. San Diego Padres: Giants Messenger Bag for first 20,000 fans
  • Sunday, Apr. 29 vs. San Diego Padres: Tim Lincecum Wall Sticker for first 7,500 kids (14 and under)
  • Friday, May 4 vs. Milwaukee Brewers: Orange Friday Texting Gloves for first 20,000 fans
  • Saturday, May 5 vs. Milwaukee Brewers: Sergio Romo Bobblehead for first 25,000 fans
  • Sunday, May 6 vs. Milwaukee Brewers: Giants Rope Necklace for first 7,500 kids (14 and under)
  • Sunday, May 20 vs. Oakland A’s: Brian Wilson Garden Gnome for first 20,000 fans
  • Saturday, Jun. 9 vs. Texas Rangers: Giants Super Hero Cape for first 7,500 kids (14 and under)
  • Sunday, Jun. 10 vs. Texas Rangers: Giants Cap for first 20,000 fans
  • Saturday, Jun. 30 vs. Cincinnati Reds: 2002 Player Bobbleheads for first 25,000 fans
  • Sunday, Jul. 1 vs. Cincinnati Reds: 2002 World Series Team Reunion (players TBA)
  • Friday, Jul. 13 vs. Houston Astros: Fireworks Night
  • Saturday, Jul. 14 vs. Houston Astros: Giants Player T-Shirt for first 20,000 fans
  • Sunday, Jul. 15 vs. Houston Astros: Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead for first 25,000 fans
  • Saturday, Jul. 28 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: Giants Trading Cards for first 20,000 fans
  • Sunday, Jul. 29 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: Giants Snap Watch for first 7,500 kids (14 and under)
  • Sunday, Aug. 12 vs. Colorado Rockies: Giants Gym Bag for first 7,500 kids (14 and under)
  • Saturday, Aug. 25 vs. Atlanta Braves: Dog Days Of Summer (bring your pooch!)
  • Sunday, Aug. 26 vs. Atlanta Braves: Pablo Sandoval Bobblehead for first 25,000 fans
  • Saturday, Sep. 8 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: Gigantes Player T-Shirt for first 20,000 fans
  • Sunday, Sep. 23 vs. San Diego Padres: Fan Appreciation Day