Possible Back Ups for the Crawfish


A little while ago, I posted a list of free agent shortstops with my comments on them. Now that it has become apparent that Brandon Crawford will most likely be the San Francisco Giants primary shortstop(YIPPEE!!!!!!), I would like to bring them back up.

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News has reported that the Giants are in the market for a backup shortstop, someone to play when Crawford needs a rest or gets injured.

Here’s that list again, but this time with how I feel they could contribute to the 2012 Giants.

Clint Barmes: 33 years old, played with Colorado for eight seasons, before becoming the shortstop for the Houston Astros. The fact that he played with a NL West team definitely helps, meaning he’s comfortable in the parks that the Giants will be playing a lot of their away baseball in. Apparently, he has quite a few fans on the Giants coaching staff so that could also influence their decision. In 2011 he batted .244/.312/.386 while having a .978 fielding percentage. Bochy and Sabean are a fan of veterans of the game, so we could possibly see Barmes in orange and black next season.

Yuniesky Betancourt: 30 years old, personally I don’t see why the Brewers won’t resign him if they don’t sign a free agent shortstop. He has some pop in his bat, however he is undisciplined at the plate often swinging at the first pitch only to pop it up. He also committed 21 errors at shortstop this season, and if anyone has watched a Brewers game(I’ve watched quite a few) he plays a sloppy shortstop. Especially in comparison to Brandon Crawford.

Orlando Cabrera: 37 years old, if the Giants resign him…All hell will break loose in San Francisco. While he didn’t play a completely horrific shortstop, he tended to make routine plays and catching pop ups a lot harder than they should be. Sorry O-Cab, I don’t think you will be feelin’ like a Giant next season.

Jamey Carroll: 37 years old, has reportedly signed a two-year, seven million dollar deal with the Minnesota Twins. So that takes him off the market.

Ronny Cedeno: 29 years old, shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates. To be quite honest I don’t think the Giants are going to sign him. He hasn’t even come up on the offseason radar yet.

Craig Counsell: 41 years old, holy crap I didn’t realize he was that old when I watched him play. A utility infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Performed very well at second base when Rickie Weeks was on the DL. However, the Giants do not need a utility man and he doesn’t seem to be a fit for the club.

Rafael Furcal: 34 years old.Shortstop for the Dodgers until being traded to the World Series Champion, St. Louis. Played a nice shortstop, and was a leadoff hitter. However, I don’t see him happy with being a backup.

Alex Gonzalez: 34 years old. Played shortstop for the Atlanta Braves. He struck out 126 times throughout the course of the season. Haven’t heard his name come up on any off season talks yet.

Jerry Hairston Jr.: 34 years old. Played a very nice third base for the Milwaukee Brewers during the postseason, however there has been speculation that he will return to the Brewers.

Cesar Izturis: 32 years old. Played very few games this year. Probably not an option for the Giants.

Nick Punto: 34 years old. More of a second baseman in my opinion.

Edgar Renteria: 35 years old. Shortstop for the Giants during their 2010 World Series. World Series MVP. Ehhh… yeah I can’t decide…

Jose Reyes: 28 years old. I don’t think the Giants have enough money left to pursue Reyes.

Jimmy Rollins: 33 years old. Wants a multi-year deal, at least 5 years apparently. That’s going to be hard for the Giants to do.

Ramon Santiago: 32 years old. Supposedly is in talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jack Wilson: 34 years old. I’m telling you, he looks like a chipmunk.

The clear favorite is Clint Barmes, but we shall see.