So Brian Sabean Goes Black Friday Shopping For Melky Cabreras


I can’t say I hate the Melky trade, but, I can’t say I like it. It’s like going to Target at 4 AM on Black Friday. Ohh, look, they have that cheap knock off brand 32′ HDTV for $199 dollars. Boy, that sure looks neat. I already have a nice TV and I could spend the morning resting – but my spare room could use a cheap one to replace the 27′ HDTV that occupies that room already. What? In-store only? Shit. I guess I have to camp out like the rest of these loonies then bulrush to the back of the electronics section. I could have just paid a bit more for that same TV a few weeks ago or I could have just waited and paid a touch more on December 8th, but fuck it – I wanted a deal. So I take a few elbows to the nose – avoid a couple fingernail digs to the eyes and make my way to the stack of under priced TV’s that I don’t need. I rush to checkout lane #1 (because it’s ten items or less), grab my brand new HDTV, praise myself as I walk to my car, laughing at all the saps who were five minutes late to the store opening. I put the TV in the trunk, start the car, and wonder why the fuck I just spent $200 dollars on

Melky Cabrera

that TV. That’s pretty much my reaction to this trade. On the plus side, at least I didn’t buy that one TV brand

Coco Crisp

that always breaks or that other super expensive TV brand

Grady Sizemore

that comes with the non-needed built in DVD player that’s already broken, an excessive number of USB ports, most of which don’t work, five online services I’m not a member of and a 17 day warranty.

Anyway, that brings me to this, from Buster Olney:

"Talked to Dayton Moore, who says he and SF GM Brian Sabean started talking about this trade 5 weeks ago."

I’m baffled at the a) insaneness that it took five weeks for this trade to be completed and b) the fact that Sabean was even kicking the notion of Melky for five weeks.

This is Melky Cabrera we are talking about, right?! On the plus side – one of these days Sabean’s going to hit the nail on the head with his desire to bring in members of the Cabrera family. Unfortunately, it’ll be Miguel – when he’s 41 and dealing with DUI charges. Well, more DUI charges.

Moving on…

For trade reaction from less important people, like Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean, I direct you to Bagg’s blog. For now, a small sample:

"Bruce Bochy’s assessment: “He’s the type of player we need on this ballclub. He’s a run producer. He scores runs and also has the ability to knock in runs. He’s 27 years old and it looks like he’s coming into his own. He can hit at the top of the order. He can steal a base. He’s athletic and can play anywhere in the outfield. It’s hard to say where he will hit in the order and maybe even where he’s going to play in the outfield until we get to spring training, but he’s the type of player this club needs. He crosses home plate and that’s a need here.”"


Um, nevermind. I don’t like being lied to. Let’s try somebody else. How about you, Sabes?

"“We certainly were right in not trading him (in the past), not that we had anything close to a possibility,” Sabean said. “But quite frankly, because of his year this year, there really wasn’t a lot of (trade) action or conversation with him”"


In all seriousness, I still don’t despise the trade. I just don’t like it either. You know, like paying $200 dollars for a TV I don’t need.