Why the Giants ARE NOT Trading Tim Lincecum


Lately there has been a suggestion floating through the air. And it stinks. Giants fans everywhere are plugging their noses, stuffing their fingers in their ears, and covering their eyes. We refuse to hear, see, or even take a whiff of this horrendous rumor.
Yesterday MLB Trade Rumors (@mlbtraderumors ) reported that Dave Cameron of FanGraphs has deemed that trading Tim Lincecum would help the Giants. He suggested trading him to the Yankees, for cash, Eduardo Nunez, and Jesus Montero.
So let me get this straight… Trading a two-time Cy Young award winner for meaningless cash, a utility infielder with more errors than homeruns, and a DH/Catcher makes sense? Firstly, with the pitching staff that the Giants have, even without Lincecum, the ability to play defense is a top priority for any infielder. It keeps them actually in one-run games instead of getting blow out of the water with defensive miscues. So that renders Eduardo Nunez useless. Secondly, where in the world does Mr. Cameron expect Jesus Montero to play? He became a very effective designated hitter at the end of the season for them, but there are no DH’s in the National League. Yes, he’s also a catcher, but with Buster Posey’s rehab ahead of schedule, Giants fans expect to see their 2010 Rookie of the Year behind the plate. Basically you traded away a freakishly(pun intended) amazing pitcher for some useless cash, and two guys who won’t play all that often.
As if this wasn’t enough, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports also agrees. He says it will free up their payroll and allow them to pursue a free agent like Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. Why punish Lincecum for the Giants overpaying and being stuck with Barry Zito and his hefty contract?
Having any of their pitchers in Yankee pinstripes is every Giants fan’s worst nightmare, however both Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain have stated that they would like to stay with one team for the rest of their career, making this move highly unlikely.
In short, you are never going to get enough to trade a guy like Tim Lincecum to any team, let alone the Yankees. A starting pitcher who can keep you in the ball game is much more important than a hitter will ever be. You take away pitching, the Giants don’t win it all in 2010. You take away them not winning and there’s no issue with them coming second in the NL West. Pitching is the reason why the Giants were so successful, and once they get the Barry Zito contract off their back, Tim Lincecum and Yankees will never be mentioned in the same sentence again. Unless they’re playing each other in the World Series.