Giants To Spend More Money On Centerfield Than Shortstop?


Danny Knobler, knowledgeable baseball head and senior baseball writer for CBS dropped a somewhat interesting tweet this morning, which you can find below:

"Sounds like Giants more likely to spend their few available $$ on CF rather than SS (Reyes, Rollins)"

Outside of Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes, the shortstop market this year is less than stellar and both Rollins and Reyes are due for hefty raises. Yes, they both do fit a needed position and role for the Giants, but neither come without significant question marks (Rollins’ age, Reyes’ flimsy knees) and investing in either is far from risk-free.

True, a lead off hitter who can play shortstop would be ideal – but the Giants have the best defensive shortstop they’re going to find in free agency on their roster already in Brandon Crawford (outside of Alex Gonzalez) and hitting from the position is more luxury than necessity. The Giants would be thrilled with a .250/12/55 slash from Crawford, which I don’t think is unrealistic to expect. I also happen to think there are some pretty decent bargains on the shortstop market (one of which being Gonzalez, the other Jamey Carroll), so as nice as the elite SS’s would be – it’s not a disaster to go into ’12 without one of them.

From an outfield perspective, the usual names continue to surface. Coco Crisp. Grady Sizemore. David DeJesus. None really do a whole lot for me, but chances are, one of them will be a Giant in 2012. Crisp most likely fits the best, but is an injury waiting to happen. Sizemore has the most potential, but could just as easily flake out with a season ending injury. DeJesus would be the most stable of the three as he holds a career .284 average, but brings little else to the table.

If the Giants do bring in a new centerfielder, they could run into potential playing time issues with a handful of players assuming Carlos Beltran does return. A new outfielder means either Brandon Belt or Aubrey Huff will find themselves parked on the pine (and we know who’ll get that luxury first) – Brett Pill will be Brett Pill and then you do what with Nate Schierholtz? If Beltran does depart, much could be different. The Giants would have a lot of unexpected funds and an opening for Belt in left – Beltran’s money could be put towards a Rollins or Reyes in that scenario, but no matter how you slice it – the Giants are going to have quite an active and crazy offseason.