Giants Open To Signing Pujols, Fielder – Beltran Has Demands To Return


First things first, we’ll start with current Giant Carlos Beltran and his uh, wishlist, if he is to return to The City.

Beltran told Baggs yesterday that while he is open to returning to the Giants for the 2012 season and beyond, things need to change. What exactly? Improving the offense, my dear Watson’s. Beltran said that while he anticipates the return of a healthy Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey, those two moves alone will not be enough for him to return – he needs to see more of an improvement but he wants to make it clear that the Giants don’t need to sign top free agents like Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols.

"“I would consider this organization for sure, because the pitching is unbelievable, and adding those guys back, of course you’re adding more offense to the ballclub,” Beltran said.He paused, carefully considering his words.“But I believe there should be a little bit more than that,” he said."

Well, I guess that makes sense – he’s not saying anything we fans aren’t. Oh wait, his idea of an improvement is a Jose Reyes type? Oh, so only 125 million on Reyes, not 190 on Albert. Okay, and are you playing for free? Did the +120 million payroll vanish? Are we playing with Monopoly money now!? WEEE!!!!

I like Carlos – the Giants need his bat, so it appears there is a good chance the Giants are going to be in an unfortunate situation when it comes to Beltran returning. Carlos wants to win, so his options are limited (especially given what should be some hefty salary demands) – so I wouldn’t say the Giants are totally out of bringing him back, but it looks mildly bleak right now. I guess we’ll see what his options are in a few months…

Speaking of options, in the wake of the Beltran news that Baggs reported, news also came out in the wee hours of the evening that incoming CEO Larry Baer has no issues opening up the coffers for a big bat, potentially, Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder? That’s the speculation in the Los Angeles Times.

"Newly promoted Giants Chief Executive Larry Baer might be open to making a run at a premier free agent this winter, though his philosophy will still focus on building a franchise from the bottom up to develop a deep and talented farm system.So, might a slugger like Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder be splashing home runs into McCovey Cove come 2012? That remains to be seen.“That’s been a winning philosophy,” Baer said Thursday of relying on homegrown players. “That’s a good template. Don’t interpret that as we wouldn’t go after a premier free agent but I don’t think we wake up in the morning and say that’s the first choice.”"

Soooo, would that be enough for you to return, Mr. Beltran?