San Francisco Giants Offense Sucks – Or So I’m Told. And That’s Okay


Omgz – panic!!

Turn on ESPN – read an analysts column – visit any “expert” website, you’ll find a common theme – the Giants can’t score. Shocking, right? I know – hold onto your britches.

No, I’m not going to sit here and attempt to justify that the Giants are some elite offensive team – they’re not. And while we’d all love a few games here and there that don’t require a defibrillator, the fact that the Giants can’t score runs is………….okay.

There’s no question the Giants could use an offensive upgrade, be that in the form of Carlos Beltran, a recall of Brandon Belt or simply having underachieving players perform up to their capable abilities. I’m certainly not saying the Giants shouldn’t attempt to improve their offensive inadequacies, but they’re a team built on pitching and despite what analysts might assume, the Giants potential foes aren’t really packing that much more in their offensive pants.

When you think of offensive powerhouses in the National League, you think Phillies. You think Rockies. Maybe sprinkle in a dash of Reds or Brewers. And you’d generally be correct in your assumptions, but let’s look at the stats. Many would peg the Phillies as having the most elite offense (despite the Reds and Brewers clear statistical advantages)…so let’s compare the Fightin’s with the Black and Orange to see just how staggering their numbers are over the inept Giants.


  • Avg – .242
  • Runs – 351
  • HR – 62
  • OBP – .309
  • SLG – .363


  • Avg – .249
  • Runs – 401
  • HR – 80
  • OBP – .322
  • SLG – .380

And you’d think the Phillies play half of their games in a bandbox…oh wait.

Let’s now take a look at the Giants ranks on the road this year (National League rankings):

Hits? Rank third.

HR? Rank sixth.

Doubles? Rank fourth.

RBI? Rank third.

SB? Rank sixth.

OBP? Rank eighth.

SLG? Rank eighth.

AVG? Rank eighth.

Considering the Giants don’t rank any lower than 8 out of 16 in ANY of their team offensive categories on the road, one might say the Giants offense is pretty, gee, I don’t know, average. Worst in the league as many pundits would like you to believe? Please. And this is with major long term injuries to what many would assume as the Giants three best hitters, Posey, Sandoval and Sanchez not to mention terrible first half’s from Huff and co.

Do their numbers at home stink? Sure. And guess what? So do opposing teams in AT&T. It’s a pain in the ass to hit there – and oh, the Giants pitching staff, they’re alright I guess.

Again, I’m certainly not touting the Giants offense in the least bit. An upgrade? Yes, please. But as they are currently, it’s manageable and if they’re unable to get that hopeful difference maker, it’s not the end of the world.

The Giants offense is plenty serviceable at current capacity (and potentially even better with a trade/recall of Belt a few weeks/month down the road) and when combined with their fantastic pitching, which is the heart of the Giants body, you still have a very elite team.

I’m not saying the Giants have a paved road to the World Series again. Not at all. It’s going to be a grind just to get out of the NL West. But to assume the Giants are becoming less irrelevant because of their “terrible” offense? I just don’t buy it, Mr. Know It All Analysts.