Looking Into The Jose Reyes To San Francisco Giants Rumors


Jose Reyes’ name has been long linked to the Giants – way before they became World Series Champions – way before their shortstop situation became a revolving door that doubled as a senior citizen’s home. Okay, maybe it’s been like that for a while…I regress.

Last evening, everybody’s favorite diamond studded earring wearer Mychael Urban decided to get everybody in a tissy when he announced that the Giants and Mets have been having continuing discussions about Jose Reyes.

As for Reyes? Huge fan, I am. He fits on so many levels for the Giants. He gives them not only speed, but speed at the top of the lineup along with the youthful shortstop they long for so bad. But there is one, glaring problem. Money. Reyes wants Carl Crawford funds. And at only 27 years old, it’s hard to think somebody wont be willing to part with their benjamins for him. I mean really – look at some of the ridiculous contracts handed out lately to sub-par players *cough*Jason Werth*cough*…

The Mets have informed the Giants they’re not interested in any arbitration eligible players according to Urban, so that takes a few off the potential block from the start – namely Jonathan Sanchez. Though Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors disagrees with the notion of the Mets passing on Sanchez, but does say the Giants would need to add a little extra into the deal since Dirty would only be under the Mets control through the ’12 season.

Moving past Sanchez, it appears that the most likely asking piece would be Giants top prospect Zack Wheeler. And frankly, that’s about all it would take. The Mets most certainly aren’t going to turn down Wheeler and the Giants do have the luxury of having an already established core of starting pitching, sans the fifth starter role – in short, the trade pieces fit, but this all comes down to money.

Give or take, the Giants are going to be on the hook for 70-75 million dollars next season in guaranteed money. Then you’ll need to add in an additional 15-20 or so for arbitration eligible players/commitments. Assuming that Reyes gets at least 12-15 million dollars next year (and that’s probably the short end of the stick), the Giants are pushing nearly 100 million dollars and still need to fill out a roster, all the while losing Wheeler in the process.

So how say you – is it a move you make, taking financial issues into consideration? Do you trade away Wheeler and pay Reyes the money he desires? Or do you figure out a different solution to the shortstop problem and keep Wheeler in the farm system?