San Francisco Giants Six Pack With Rising Apple


Myself and Ben Berkon of Rising Apple, the Mets blog here on FanSided got together yesterday for a quick Six Pack in preview for the Mets/Giants series opening this evening. Enjoy!

From Ben –

1) Jose Reyes – there aren’t many Giant fans that don’t salivate over the thought of him wearing black and orange. I know Met fans seem to be torn one way or the other on him – what are your thoughts on Reyes’ future with the Mets? And if you were interested in moving him, what would you be wanting?

There’s a case to be made either way, but in the event the Mets traded Reyes, they should be very strategic in the players they should get back. As nice as it would be to get a future shortstop in return, I think the Mets should focus on either young Major League talent or very near-ready Major League talent.

2) Living in San Diego, I got to watch Chris Young pitch for a few years up and close. He’s been a bit of an injury risk, but, always performed when healthy. What are your thoughts on Young so far?

I think he was a good low-risk, high-reward candidate, but even when Young was healthy (before 2008), his stamina was still always an issue. I don’t expect him to be a consistent seven-inning or even six-inning starter, but then again, the Mets are only paying him $1.1 million.

3) What is the prognosis on Johan Santana? Do you feel like he can return to form?

Santana is supposedly on schedule to return at some point in the second half, but even if I believed that–barring a playoff run–I don’t want the Mets to bring him back. Assuming the season will be lost by the second half, what the point in risking further injury to Santana if we’re not going to win anyways?

4) I’ve heard quite a bit about prospect Jenrry Mejia – when do you think he’ll be up for the Mets?

My answer would have differed if you asked me yesterday. Mejia just torn his MCL and will be out at least this season, so Mets fans’ collective excitement must be curbed for sometime in 2012 or 2013.

5) What player have you been happily surprised with so far? What player have you been disappointed in?

I’m happy to see Ike Davis on a war path. He’s been more patient, hitting for power, and of course is stellar defensively. He may never be Prince Fielder (offensively), but sometimes you don’t need a 45-homerun first baseman to win a game.

I was really hoping Josh Thole would become a reliable (and rare) high-OB catcher for the Mets, but he’s been extremely mediocre this season (.234/.294/.272 line). He showed a ton of promise in 2010 (.277/.357/.366 line), so maybe he’ll break-out.

6) Jason Bay has been a bit of a crapshoot the last few years. Do you think Bay can return to his 2009 form? Or will he continue to struggle post concussion?

I do not think Jason Bay is still the 30-homerun hitter he has been throughout his career, but on that same token, he has to be better than the 6-homerun hitter he was last season. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect around 20 homeruns this season from Bay.