Gigante – An Andres Torres Documentary


I’m sure many of you have followed the story of Giants outfielder Andres Torres – it’s quite the inspiration.

For those of you who haven’t, Torres (like many professional ballplayers) grew up underprivileged in Puerto Rico and again in Miami when his family moved to the states. He spent ten years in the minors but in 2002, he was diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) which made the most simple of plays in professional baseball nearly impossible. Many times Torres would completely forget the command given by the coaching staff in the dugout or a sign given by a base coach almost instantaneously and he nor anybody else knew why. Torres has continually talked about the embarrassment and mockery he felt during his minor league tenure – a torturous road to the majors for sure.

Inspired by the story, Sundance award-winning director Chusy Haney-Jardine has teamed up with Torres to create a documentary that chronicles Torres’ struggles and triumphs, capped by last seasons  World Series victory.

The release is expected in mid-July. Should be an amazing piece.