World Series Game 1 News & Notes


It looks like the rain is going to hold off for at least one more day – but the Giants and Rangers might not get so lucky for Game 2 which is expected to have some showers at the least.

As for what we know going into Game 1…

The pitching rotation for the Giants will remain the same, outside of rotating Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez. As for the Rangers, rumors were swirling that they would replace struggling  Tommy Hunter with Derek Holland who would start Game 4, but Ron Washington opted against that. The starting rotations are…

Game 1 – Cliff Lee versus Tim Lincecum

Game 2 – C.J. Wilson versus Matt Cain

Game 3 – Jonathan Sanchez versus Colby Lewis

Game 4- Madison Bumgarner versus Tommy Hunter.

Both mangers have opposed to using their Game 1 starters in Game 4, but, I’ll believe that when I see it…

  • In other news, Andres Torres says he’s healthy and ready to go for tonight’s opening game despite injuring his left hip and groin in Game 6 of the NLCS. For what it’s worth, Aaron Rowand does have some of the best career numbers versus Cliff Lee. Aren’t you glad to hear that!?
  • John Hirschbeck will be behind the dish for this evenings tilt and he will be joined by two umpires making their World Series debuts, Sam Holbrook and Bill Miller. Who’s ready for some botched calls!?
  • Barry Zito was yet again left off this rounds roster. In fact, nothing changed for the Giants….a move I highly support. I saw some claims to leave Mota off of the roster being Bochy hadn’t used the right hander, but with the Rangers overflow of right handed bats and the oddly timed struggles of Romo and Ramirez, it makes far greater sense to keep Mota on than to replace him with Zito or Runzler.
  • Rangers manager Ron Washington says Vladimir Guerrero will start Game 1 in right field and will probably do the same for Game 2. Guerrero, a one time assassin in the field during his Montreal days, could find some trouble with the kooky walls and triples alley. It’s a risky move for Washington and the Rangers, but, it’s hard to sit Vlad’s stick.
  • Ironic that the only impact save Dodgers ousted closer Jonathan Broxton had this season netted the Giants home field in the World Series?
  • Nobody knows what the Giants plan to do with the DH situation in Game 3, 4, and 5….but the two hottest rumors are that the Giants will use Burrell as their DH or move Huff to DH and allow Ishikawa to man first. I have a feeling Pablo will be in there some place though, be it 3b or DH.
  • Bengie Molina, who will be granted a double playoff share and a World Series ring no matter what team wins, says it might be time to hang up the cleats once this World Series comes to a completion. Molina, one of the best guys in baseball, would be sorely missed by the sport.
  • For whatever reason, many Giant fans missed the oddly fantastic interview between Brian Wilson and Fox’s Chris Rose back on August 31st which included an appearance by “the Machine”, himself. I can’t even really tell you much about it without ruining it…so if you haven’t seen it yet, take a gander. And there are some rumors going around that the creature you see in the video is actually Pat Burrell. Pat, much like Brian, has a very unique sense of humor so that wouldn’t shock me in the least bit. Anyway, here’s the video….watch it alone, in a dark room…it’ll give it better effect. Go Giants!