Cain Drops The Juggernaut – Giants Take 2-1 Series Lead


You know what? Sometimes, on some days, things just happen to go your way. Maybe you weren’t arrested for downloading illegal music today. Maybe you weren’t caught by the police for “forgetting” your pants. Maybe you came back from a Donkey Show in Tijuana without a lighter wallet and an asshole that doesn’t ache. Sometimes, it just pays to be you. For the San Francisco Giants, today was that day.

On the offensive end, the Giants were able to clench out just enough. Cody Ross continued his playoff onslaught, singling in Edgar Renteria, as the Giants scored their first run the old fashioned way. They were able to add another shortly thereafter as Aubrey Huff squeaked an RBI single past the diving Chase Utley, the ball tipping off of his glove as it trickled into right field. The baseball God’s weren’t done screwing around with Chase though, as Freddy Sanchez hit a knuckling ground ball (for a lack of better terms) that Utley appeared to either a) lose in the shadows or b) simply misplay. Either way, the ball bounced up off of his right arm and/or thigh and scatter into shallow center, allowing Aaron Rowand (who doubled earlier in the inning. HOLY SHIT! Of course, he whiffed his other opportunities) to score on the mishap. The official scorer changed the original error ruling an inning later, but, I have a feeling that didn’t make Chase Utley feel any better. Those were the only three runs of the afternoon, but Matt Cain could have done without all but the first.

Cain was marvelous again, raping and pillaging through the Philadelphia offense with efficiency that even 14th century vikings would be envious of. His command was spot on – finding more open holes than your local strip joint during happy hour. It was typical Cain. He doesn’t get the glory of a Tim Lincecum. Hell, he doesn’t get the glory of a Jonathan Sanchez. But he deserves it just as much.

As for the fightin’ Phil’s, Charlie Manuel again informed media after the game that Joe Blanton will take the mound in Game 4. Many thought the Phillies would turn to Roy Halladay in Game 4 if they were to face a 2-1 series defecit (me included), but unless Charlie is attempting to pull the wool over, it’ll be Joe attempting to keep the Phillies out of an elimination game.

I see where Charlie is coming from. Halladay on short rest then means everybody on short rest for the remainder of the series. It’s not the ideal situation. But, then again, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt have both shown strong ability to go on short rest. Maybe it’s just me, but, I think I’d prefer my big guns going on short rest (and Halladay going twice if it goes to seven) then having Halladay only once and having to rely on Joe Blanton to keep you out of a 3-1 series hole with Tim Lincecum, Jonathan Sanchez, and Matt Cain waiting in the wings to close it out.

With all of that said, Joe Blanton has been pretty respectable since mid-July and by no means am I discounting the Phillies chances to tie up the series by tomorrow night. But if they don’t, a 3-1 hole with the Giants top three pitchers waiting to close it out is a rough road to the World Series.

Madison Bumgarner will oppose Blaton (supposedly) in tomorrow night’s tilt.