Giants & Cody Ross Not Impressed With Halladay Inn


The amount of hype surrounding Game 1 of the NLCS was getting unbearable. Tim Lincecum’s Game 1 start in the NLDS ranked fourth (yes, fourth) in all time post season pitching performances. Roy Halladay’s Game 1 start in the NLDS was almost as impressive, ranking fifth all time. Yes, we as baseball fans understand that both Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay are pretty fucking awesome. We get it. Trust us. But to expect repeat performances, let alone from both, really wasn’t much of a realistic expectation. And don’t even get me started on the knob slobbing the Phillies have received from pretty much anybody with a keyboard or production studio. It wasn’t even a question of if the Phillies would win the series – it was in how few of games. All ten “experts” from CRAP ESPN picked the Phillies. All ten. Not a single one felt the Giants had a shot.

Good call so far, dickwipes.

And did anybody take notice of the Fox broadcast team having a Giants team issued media guide infront of their face all night, but, no Phillies? Nothing like a little east coast bias…

The most dreadful part thought was their continued misfires of Giant happenings during the season with the media guide less than five inches from their sleep walking faces. Shameful.

Also, speaking of dickwipes, I’d like to introduce myself. When the Giants picked up Cody Ross from the Marlins, I wasn’t thrilled. I wasn’t upset, but, it really didn’t do much for my baseball penis. It was another typical eh move I’ve come to expect from the Giants front office the past few years. Obviously, I was wrong. Sure, Cody’s ran into a bit of a hot/clutch streak the past 4-5 games and it’s not as if the Giants have found a diamond in the rough, but there is one hell of a chance the Giants don’t make it to the NLCS without him let alone go into Sunday evening’s game with a chance to step on the Phillies throat. Every season there tends to be that one unsung guy that propels a team deep into the playoffs. I think we’ve found the 2010 model. My most sincere apologies, Mr. Ross.

If you’re looking for a reason to feel optimistic and make your Giants e-penis feel happy, 15 of the previous 18 teams to win Game 1 of the NLCS have won the series. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…

Jonathan Sanchez looks to continue his dominant performances over Philly again in Game two, opposite Old McDonald Roy Oswalt.