Christmas In September For The Giants


Padres lose? Check.

Rockies play a long, multiple pitcher used, heartbreaking loss and are swept by the Diamondbacks? Check.

Braves lose their half game they held over the Giants? Check.

Giants move into first place again? Check.

Giants blow out the Cubs so bad, most regulars are removed by the fourth inning? Chizeck.

You couldn’t have scripted a better scene for the Giants yesterday. Everything that could have went their way, did – even though the Rockies did their best to spoil it (falling short on their last out), their magic couldn’t overcome yesterdays Christmas in September.

Juan Uribe has six RBI in the 2nd inning thanks to a two-run bomb which was followed by a grand slam in his next at-bat once the G-men had batted around. The Giants never looked back from that point, keeping their foot on the gas as they drubbed the Cubbies 13-0. And even more impressive than the 13 runs the Giants plated was the pitching of Madison Bumgarner. Face it, when you have a big lead, it’s hard to keep your concentration. And it’s especially difficult to do so when you have 25mph winds blowing straight out of Wrigley. But Bumgarner kept his cool and pitched as if he was nursing a 1-0 lead for the entire game. He saved the bullpen for the Colorado series and was just downright impressive. Add another game to the streak of 3 earned runs or less for the Giants pitching staff. What an amazing run for them….seriously. You’re watching something historic here. Enjoy it. Hopefully the offense doesn’t waste it….

Speaking of wastes, Dinger, here we come.

The Giants and Rockies open a crucial series tonight in which a Rockies sweep is almost necessary to stay in the race. They sit 3 1/2 back of the Giants currently thanks to the Rockies being swept in Arizona the past three days. The Rockies could get by winning 2 of 3, but, they’d still sit 2 1/2 back with only 6 to play – certainly not insurmountable but a hell of a task considering they end their season with four straight in St. Louis. But as we’ve learned, counting the Rockies out is something you never want to do.

If the Giants are able to win 2 of 3 this weekend, the Rockies postseason dream will be on life support, and that’s being kind. Dropping to 4 1/2 back with only 6 to play (7 in the Rockies case, 3 home/4 road) would be devastating. The Giants certainly have everything lined up to step on the Rockies throat this weekend. It’s just a matter if they can….

We’ll find out starting tonight.

Padres are at home versus the first place Reds and Atlanta gets a break and plays Washington in DC, though, that’s prime grade A spoiler chances if Atlanta isn’t careful.