Your First Place San Francisco Giants


It might only be by a half game, but son of a bitch – it’s first place. It’s the first time since May 6th the Giants can make that claim. In addition, the Giants (even though they technically lead the NL West) now also boost an identical record to the Wild Card leading Braves who face a semi rigorous schedule in their final two weeks. What does that mean to us? Not much, other than a great chance at a playoff position.

The Giants don’t play a team with a winning record other than Colorado before their season ending series at home versus the Padres. The Friars on the other hand still have three games left with St. Louis along with the Dodgers, Reds, and Cubs before ending their season at AT&T. Not a gauntlet by any stretch, but far from a breeze. The Braves on the other hand have 6 of their remaining 15 games versus their division foe Phillies. No thank you on that one.

The Rockies still sit three games behind the Giants in the win column (2.5 overall) and their season will be determined on the weekend of September 24-26 in which they host the G-men. With six versus the Dodgers, three versus Arizona, and a season ending four game stretch in St. Louis (in addition to the Giants), the Rockies post season hopes are still alive…but they’re fighting an uphill battle.

All in all, the Giants have a legit chance at making the postseason, be it victors of the NL West or Wild Card. At this point, if they can’t make it…they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves.

As to the game last night, Jonathan Sanchez continued his impressive run, pitching possibly his best game of the year in his most crucial start. Sanchez struck out twelve Dodgers and really made the Blue’s look downright silly at the dish. Other than a foul pole clanging dinger and a botched play by the Giants infield in the first, Sanchez was pretty nasty all evening. He’s still inconsistent – you never really know what you’re going to get from him, but when he’s on – watch out. You can see the growth in Sanchez this year…he’s learning how to pitch, not just throw. He’s still frustrating, but, it’s improving greatly from what it was.

The offense finally decided to break through as well last night, just clubbing Ted Lilly. Aubrey Huff and Buster Posey took Lilly down to the market early and just beat the snot out of him, dooming out towering back to back shots which all but ended Lilly’s evening very quickly. Considering the heavy air last night with the fog rolling in even more than usual, both dingers were mashed – but Buster Posey’s was insane. That thing went halfway up the right field bleaches, a sight to be seen on a normal evening…but with that heavy air? My goodness. If I had some panties, I would have thrown them. Though, I’m sure Buster appreciates that I didn’t.

Giants welcome the Brewers for a three game weekend series before a day off and the final road trip of the year.