Giants One Hit Opposition & Lose


Stop me if you felt like you’ve heard that before.

Jesus Christ. Twice, in the same season!? Really? REALLY?!!? And the worst part was, they didn’t even get a hit the inning they scored their run. Mind blowing.

You can’t fault Juan Uribe for the “error” last night. That was a pretty tough play and while we’re accustom to him making plays like that, things happen. I question if he’d even have been able to get the out out second, which appeared to be his initial target before he lost the transfer of the ball.

Zito pitched well – finally…so you can’t really fault him for the loss either, despite the box score giving him one.

To me, it was painfully obvious that the offense and scotch tape lineup did the trick. I’m not saying Kershaw wasn’t on his game, he most certainly was. He’s a very good pitcher, but the way he dominated the G-men tonight was a bit absurd. Clayton Kershaw had never had a complete game in 80 plus professional starts, yet, he had a pitch total of about 39 going into the 9th. Watching the Giants go up there hacking like they were trying to knock down some Torrey Pines along 17-mile drive was atrocious.

Speaking of atrocious, Aaron Rowand. I simply can’t take it any longer. Sadly, I’m far too aware of Bruce Bochy’s hard on for overplaying/overvaluing/overusing of one time proud players who’ve hit a wall. Afterall, I watched his tomfoolery in San Diego for years. I don’t know what I ever did to the baseball God’s to deserve him coming up to my favorite team, but whatever I did – I’m sorry. No really, I am. I’ll even sacrifice something for you. Um, how bout, uh, Nate Scheirholtz. He never plays anyway…. :\

And while we’re on the topic of Nate, really, was there any reason he wasn’t on the field last night? I know some of you commenters mentioned it, and I’m with you. I’m not a big Nate fan in all honesty, but, with Guillen not playing, it made total sense to play Ross in center and Nate in right. And while I’m not a huge fan of Nate batting leadoff, I don’t have a hard time thinking he’d be more effective there than Ross or especially Rowand. But hey, what’s the point of thinking outside the box when Bork Bork Bork! can’t remove himself from overplaying Rowand and Guillen.Those grizzly vets…such gamers!

Frankly, barring another injury, I can’t see why Rowand really ever needs to see the field again this year. He can’t hit. He can’t steal bases. One has a greater chance of being attacked by a shark than Rowand walking. He’s nothing more than an average fielder at this stage and his decision making in the outfield is about the equivalent of a coked out monkey. But hey, he can take a hit by pitch with the best of them.

The Giants have so much in their favor. The most home games of all Western foes. A pretty tame schedule compared to the Rockies, Padres, Phillies, and Braves. They get the division leading Padres at home for the final three games of the season, games that are almost assured to award the winners a playoff position. Lincecum seems to be back. Jonathan Sanchez has been on point for the most part. Cain has been pitching well.

Yet, with all of those pluses, we still have Bochy.

And that’s frightening to the playoff push.

Hold me. Not because I’m scared, no, not at all. I just don’t wanna go level 3, turbidity electric forces destruction method on Rowand and Bochy. *puts on Wizard hat*