Giants Outblast Padres in Petco


I’ve been to hundreds of games at Petco Park – it’s one of the perks from living in San Diego. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that I can’t ever recall being at a game where the opposing team did what the Giants did, in the fashion of how they did it.

The Giants hit four of the longest, most mammoth homeruns I’ve ever seen grace the cavernous fields of Petco, the final moonshot by Pat Burrell icing the homerun derby cake.

Aubrey Huff lead off the barrage with a two run shot in the third which just cleared the right center wall, landing onto the “beach”. Juan Uribe later followed, going full blown opposite field into the beach…something else I have a hard time recalling. It’s hard enough to get a ball into the beach hitting left handed, but right?! You have to absolutely rip the ball apart to get out there.

After Huff and Uribe got their turns, it was Buster Posey’s chance to join the party. Posey hit a two run shot that landed well into the second deck of the left field seats – certainly something that’s been done before but it was the loft and sweet swing that really showed just how impressive the Posey shot was. Batting instructers around the league no doubt already have that swing recorded and put into their archives as an instructional video.

Last but not least was Pat Burrell who hit one of the furthest, hardest balls I’ve ever seen at Petco. Only two times can I ever remember a ball being struck as hard, one of which came from Mike Piazza, the other from Miguel Cabrera when he was with the Florida Marlins. Cabrera’s reached the third level of the Western Metal Supply building while Piazza’s actually went above it (as far as I know, he’s the only player to ever do so). As for Pat’s shot, it didn’t actually clear the building but it did hit off of the “W” in the Western Metal Supply name, missing clearing the building by only a foot or two, at that. It was mammoth.

The Padres simply got outslugged by the Giants tonight, something the Giants have been doing quite well this road trip. Matt Cain threw a wonderful game, the final two runs simply a mental mistake/sign of fatigue and the game was clearly out of reach at that point.

Through seven games, the Giants now have a 5-2 record on this trip and have locked in at least a .500 ending result – but that would be a clear dissapointment at this stage.

With the Giants win over the Padres and the Braves loss, the Giants now sit one game behind San Diego and Atlanta, though they’re behind two in the loss column to the Padres.

And of course, the Rockies won again. I swear to Buster Posey they have the biggest bucket of luck I’ve ever seen. It’s really just a matter of time until some lime green and grape colored dinosaurs appear from a rainbow behind the Rockies bullpen, then begin to snipe opposing players from the outfield, allowing the Rockies to win by default.

And the funny thing is – considering the Rockies – you might just believe that could happen.

I do.