They’re Laughing At You Jonathan Sanchez


I have the pleasure (I guess…) of living in the San Diego area, despite the fact that I root for the Gigantes. So this year has been especially unique since the swinging Friars and Giants have been in a battle since the start of the season.

Padre fans were mildly annoyed (and rightfully so) when Jonathan Sanchez came out earlier this week and said the Giants were going to sweep the Padres. It was on every local newscast. It was on talk radio. He sparked a fire that really didn’t need to be lit in the first place. Do I personally have a problem with him guaranteeing a sweep? Not really, assuming he backs up his play. But the problem is, he didn’t, on either side of the ball.

He couldn’t keep the Padres off the bases – he gave up three earned runs in 5.1 innings after being staked to a two run lead and couldn’t keep the overused Giants pen off the mound. On the offensive side of the ball, the Giants led off the bottom of the second with two singles and all Sanchez had to do was get down a bunt to have runners at second and third with the lineup turning over. He couldn’t do it. He pinned himself in a corner, allowing Clayton Richards to get two strikes on him and then he laid down an awful bunt resulting in a near double play with the lead runner gunned at third.

I like Jonathan Sanchez. I really do. He can be frustrating to say the least, but, he’s a good guy and a hard worker. That said, he looks like a jackass right now and deservedly so. If you wanna talk the talk, walk the walk.

In other news, Aaron Rowand had an awful game all around. From slipping and falling on the warning track, resulting in at least an extra base and possible run to flailing and missing at pitch after pitch in two big at-bats, he looked, well, incredibly Aaron Rowand-ish. Every few games he’ll do something great (maybe a clutch HR or solid defensive play) but it’s just not enough with him. You could throw a beach ball up there and if it broke two inches, he’d miss it.

Speaking of missing things – Freddy Sanchez. It’s time to take an extended seat on the pine for a while. I love the way Sanchez plays the game but this slump is catastrophic in nature. It’s seemingly an out every time he steps into the batters box. And not only is it an out, it’s a stupid out. Watching him reach for that pitch at eye level and about 92 feet outside last night to roll over into a double play was maddening.

Also, the Padres bullpen? Epically good. If you don’t have a lead going into the 7th inning, you might as well pack your bags and get ready for tomorrow’s game. And that’s not to say the Giants pen isn’t very good – they are. But the Padres is just that much better. (here’s to a jinx!!!!!!!!!!!)