San Francisco Giants Trade Deadline Rumors


I’ll be updating this page as the day goes along…so keep checking back for new rumors.

As of this morning, all is quiet – but that’s mostly just the calm before the storm. The Giants need a lefty out of the pen. They’ve been in on a variety of guys, most notably Scott Downs and Will Ohman, but haven’t finished any deals off just yet. CSN BayArea’s Mychael Urban reported last night that the Giants were in some serious talks attempting to finish off a deal, but nothing was reported after that. So, pull your huggies up folks – it’s about to get interesting:

8:45 AM – The Jays and Giants continue to talk about 3b/OF Jose Bautista, for whatever reason. I’m not a big fan of this in the least bit, but, I’m not Sabean (thankfully). Jon Heyman suggests the Toronto Blue Jays could target Emmanuel Burriss or Ehire Adrianza in a trade, something that makes me even less of a fan. In addition to Bautista, the Giants are also in continued talks with the Jays over reliever Scott Downs, as mentioned above but the asking price continues to be too high for the Giants.

8:50 AM – Not so much a trade rumor as it is good news that Giants lefty Dan Runzler could be back sooner than expected, possibly even as soon as the Giants start their next homestand on August 9th. Who knows how effective he’ll be or if he can hold up, but, that might curb the Giants enthusiasm about grabbing an over-priced left handed bullpen arm.

9:04 AM – Not Giants related, but NL West related. The San Diego Padres have just acquired St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Ryan Ludwick in a three team deal. The Padres will send out prospects to both the Cardinals and Indians in exchange for the former Cardinals. Ludwick, 32, has only played 77 games this year due to injury but currently sits on a .281, 11 HR 2010 campaign. It was only a season and a half ago when Ludwick erupted for a 37 home run year. He dropped off to “only” 22 last season. UPDATE: Joel Sherman of the NY Post says the Padres may have dropped out of this deal now…ESPN reports the deal is still on.

9:14 AM – Henry Schulman of the Chronicle reports the Giants continue to ask about Adam Dunn, but, the Nationals asking price of Madison Bumgarner or Jonathan Sanchez is still deemed too high for the Giants brass.

9:26 AM – Jon Heyman, via MLBtv, says the Giants are no longer in talks for Blue Jays 3b/OF Jose Bautista but confirms that the Giants are in very serious discussion for either Jason Frasor or Scott Downs and believes one of them will be a Giant in three hours.

9:46 AM – The Giants are in talks with the Diamondbacks for infielder Kelly Johnson, per Jon Paul Moorsi. Apparently the Giants like that he is a) under team control in 2011 and b) can play the outfield, if needed. UPDATE: Jon Heyman reports the D’Backs have rejected the Giants offer of Joe Martinez and a prospect for Johnson.

10:19 AM – Reports out of Toronto state that the Jays will not let go of Bautista for anything less than a major league ready player. Giants will not pay that premium.

10:49 AM – Again, not Giants related specifically, but Peter Gammons is reporting that the Dodgers are close to acquiring starting pitcher Ted Lilly from the Chicago Cubs along with Ryan Theriot. The Padres and Dodgers continue to improve…

11:29 AM – All is quiet right now…GM’s in full panic mode trying to get deals complete.

11:46 AM – Many teams are in on Jays bullpen pieces, including Los Angeles and Tampa Bay. Dodgers very well could be trying to ante up the price tag on the Giants.

11:56 AM – As brought up earlier, Jays/Giants dead on Bautista. Per Jeff Passan, Giants source on Jose Bautista: “Not happening, not for what they want. We’d get Dunn.”

11:58 AM – In other NL West news, Dodgers continue to revamp their roster. Now in talks with the Orioles for Luke Scott.

12:17 PM – Boomshart. News coming out. Giants, Jays, D’Backs in a potential three-way deal according to Jon Morosi.

12:23 PM – Diamondbacks would send Kelly Johnson to the Giants who would then package Johnson and another to Toronto for Scott Downs. Still no confirmation on this.

12:25 PMHank the Tank now reporting Corey Hart to the Giants could be a last minute move…

12:38 PM – Reports from AT&T Park are saying that Jonathan Sanchez has been shaking hands and hugging with multiple members of the Giants….potential move made?

12:42 PM First trade of the day made for the Giants. The G-men and the Pirates have exchanged pitchers. The Giants will send Joe Martinez to Pittsburgh in exchange for left hander Javier Lopez.

12:51 PM – Per Henry Schulman, “As of five minutes ago, J. Sanchez NOT traded”

12:54 PM – It appears the player hugging in the dugout was Joe Martinez, not Jonathan Sanchez as first widely reported, which makes sense considering the Martinez trade. Way to make everybody crap their pants, drones.

12:57 PM – Dodgers just traded James McDonald and a PTBNL for Octavio Dotel. A bit expensive, don’t you think?

1:oo PM (Deadline) – Trades can still appear for the next few hours, GM’s just had to have all calls submitted by 1:00 PM Pacific. To switch topics, Brewers assistant GM just said that the Brewers will not make any trade. Thus, no go on Hart.

1:14 PM – John Bowker has been added into the original trade of Joe Martinez to Pittsburgh for Javier Lopez. This isn’t going to make very many Giant fans happy…

1:15 PM – Giants have made their second trade of the day, bringing in pitcher Ramon Ramirez from the Boston Red Sox.

1:25 PM – According to Todd Wright of, the Giants and Blue Jays had a near deal in place for Jose Bautista but were unable to agree prior to the deadline.

1:37 PM – Looks like the Giants might not be totally done yet, per Baggs, “Giants might have something else to announce shortly

1:56 PM – The so called third trade that Baggs was talking about has apparently fallen apart, for whatever reason. Henry Schulman reports it was for a pitcher, not a hitter. No reason as to why the trade was not completed. My best guess it being Scott Downs. Giants tried extra hard to acquire the reliever, just, couldn’t finish the deal.

Welp, looks like that’s it for the 2010 MLB trade deadline. I’ll have more on the Giants moves in a later blog post. If anything comes up, I’ll be sure to make note of it.

Hope your huggies are still on and wearable.