Dodgers Burn Giants Yet Again


If it’s not one thing, it’s another. If the Giants starting pitching throws a gem, the bullpen loves to come in and shit on it. If the Giants starters throw a dud, the bullpen loves to come in and throw scoreless inning after scoreless innings. It’s like clockwork.

So naturally, after Barry Zito threw a wonderful game last night, it was only right that the pen would come in and blow it, correct? Oh, blow it they did. Denny Bautista gave up a go-ahead two run bomb to Casey Blake in the top of the 8th which all but ended the Giants night. However, despite the magnitude of that shot – it actually might not have been the critical blow to the Giants heart last night. In fact, that came from the Giants themselves.

The Giants hit into five double plays, extending their league lead in that category, none more head scratching that in the bottom of the 7th. With Aaron Rowand on first, Pablo Sandoval interlocked horns with Dodgers pitcher Jeff Weaver, fouling ball after ball off throughout the entire at-bat. Pablo finally made some serious contract driving a laser into right field that skipped about two feet in front of Andre Either, a ball that looked somewhat catch-able, all be it an incredibly risky proposition if he missed. Aaron Rowand, who was running on the play, never stopped despite the fact that the ball looked catch-able and made it into third base easily. So the Giants were in business – runners on the corners, nobody out, in a 2-2 draw. Oh…it looked so promising.

The next batter Edgar Renteria hit a shallow fly ball to right field, not deep enough for Rowand to tag from third – but he did bluff to force a throw home. As the throw was sailing towards the plate, Pablo Sandoval decided for whatever reason it would be beneficial to tag up and advance to second base. Of course, the Dodgers cut off the throw and caught Sandoval in a run down which lasted all of .8 seconds – resulting in one of the most horrific and stupid double plays I’ve ever seen.

The next batter Bengie Molina grounded out (shocker!!!!!!) and the Giants blew a first and third, no out opportunity. Casey Blake drove home the nail in the next half inning with the two run bomb.

Absolutely dreadful.

You’ll also notice that Buster Posey was yet again missing from the lineup. Yes, he’s scuffling – but Posey at his worst is offensively more productive than a normal Bengie Molina. But hey, Bochy had a legit reason for benching Posey:

"It’s hard to believe a (presumably) healthy Buster Posey didn’t start today. It’s even harder to believe that when Bochy was asked about it, his response was, “Well, you can’t get ‘em all in there.”"

*straight face*

It’s a rough time to be a Giant fan.

Expect it to get rougher.