Giants Avoid Disaster – Squeak Past Red Sox


I tell you what. I love Brian Wilson. I really do. He’s a great pitcher – he’s gotten the Giants out of more disasters than BP. He’s hilarious off the field. But son of a bitch, he’s like the love child of Rod Beck and Robb Nen when it comes to creating his stress situations. He can pucker a Giants fan asshole tighter than eating a quart of horseradish. Last night was no different. After bailing the Giants out (again) in the top of the 8th, Wilson returned to the mound in the 9th and managed to close the game after allowing a run, loading the bases, and multiple long count battles. I believe Wilson threw over 40 pitches, his season high. It certainly was an adventure and I had to close my eyes a few times, but a win is a win.

One guy I really think deserves some mention is Eli Whiteside. Whiteside had a big hit in the Giants second inning rally and had another great game behind the plate. I know a few pitches got by, but he really eats up potential wild pitches. Jonathan Sanchez and Santiago Casilla were all over the place last night and Whiteside continually pinned potential wild pitch after wild pitch. Being a backup catcher really isn’t very glorious, but Whiteside deserves some credit. Imagine if Bengie Molina had to catch Jonathan Sanchez this year….jesus. Children and women shouldn’t have to watch such an event.

Speaking of giving props, I have to give some to Jonathan Sanchez as well. He threw a horrible pitch in the first which resulted in the three run homer and was obviously annoyed with the lack of calls he was getting, bur rather than implode – Sanchez buckled down and threw a gem after that first inning. Sadly, his pitch count was too high to continue deep into the game but it was nice to see him battle and come out on top.

The Giants bullpen is just….well, I’m not sure what to call it last night. They walked six batters in three and 2/3 inning last night and loaded the bases for the Red Sox in three consecutive innings but avoided the disaster each time. Talk about playing Russian roulette. But this time it was more like loading all of the chambers up but one. I really don’t know how they continually avoided the big inning, but they did. Bruce Bochy had nuts the size of a alpha male chipmunk last night as well, throwing out Casilla in the top of the 8th after he just walked the bases loaded the prior inning. I think he was the only person in the stadium that wasn’t baffled by this choice – but it worked out. Well, sorta. Brian Wilson had to end the top of the 8th, but in the grand scheme it paid off.

A win is a win – so I’ll take it…even if my ass is still puckered.