A Tale Of Two Sanchez’s


Even though Freddy and Jonathan share the last name – that’s about the only thing they shared today.

Freddy got the big hit the Giants were in such need of, a three run bomb that turned a one run deficit into a two run lead. The Giants then poured it on, nearly batting around before Buster Posey ended the rally – something he’s become very frequent in doing the last week or so. Posey is colder than a pocket full of penguin poop. It’s ugly. Hopefully the kid turns it around soon. The travel day off tomorrow should do him some good.

Onto the other Sanchez who was, well, I’ll call it “poor”. I wouldn’t necessarily say he was downright bad (I leave that reservation for Wellemeyer), but he wasn’t the Sanchez we’ve been accustom to seeing earlier this year. His control issues decided they’d pop up today which was extremely inconvenient considering C.B. Bucknor was behind the dish for this afternoon’s game. Bucknor was recently voted “worst umpire” in the league by an anonymous polling of big leaguers and it’s hard to argue against it. I’m pretty sure if given the opportunity, Ray Charles would have declined an ability to see if he was given Bucknor’s eyes. I’m not one to normally complain about umpires or referees but Bucknor is just atrocious behind the dish. His inability to be consistent is the killer. You could throw two balls in the exact same spot and he’d give you a different result every single time. So while Sanchez wasn’t very good, he wasn’t helped out by any stretch. Even Jay’s starter Shawn Marcum was hampered by Bucknor’s inconsistent zone, having to be pulled after 5 innings due to the high pitch despite throwing a very good game.

Jeremy Affeldt and Aaron Rowand did their best to blow up the Giants easy win in the bottom of the 9th, but, Brian Wilson had none part of that. NONE PART. Wilson shut down the Jay’s after Affeldt and Rowand gift wrapped three runs for the Jay’s in the bottom of the 9th.

Some of the best moments of the game though came when one time Giants outfielder Fred Lewis botched an easy fly ball in the top half of the 8th. Lewis has continually took repeated shits on Giant fans any chance he can, none more though than this weekend when Lewis went on the attack via his Facebook and Twitter. An example you ask? Well, I just happen to have one – thanks for asking:

"“Attention all naysayers!!!! Get the **** off my page and go back to Twitter. If I find you lord knows what will happen. Keep it up you lame fans. Keep talking about me on Twitter and following me on Facebook. All your players hugged me and said they were happy for me even your coaches but we still got the W. How you love that???”"

Ahh. If that doesn’t just drip class, I don’t know what does. And that wasn’t the only thing he said…but somebody, evidently with a brain, told him to deactivate his Twitter account – thus, my mocking of the classlass turdburgler will cease….for now.

Wait, one more thing:

"Fred LewisRole call for all the FAGS on my page. All you hattin Giants fans thanks for making me betterYesterday at 8:29pm"

Okay – NOW I’m done. You see me rollin’ – you hattin’…

Giants will travel to Houston tomorrow and take on the Stro’s for a three game set starting Tuesday. Lincecum will pitch the opener.