Lincecum Strikes Out 10 In San Francisco Giants Win


Boy, was that ever a Jekyll and Hyde game.  The Giants struck out 15 Orioles. That was the good. They also gave up 11 hits and 6 base on balls, but thankfully stranded 13 O’s on base.

Tim Lincecum pitched pretty well despite the high number of hits he surrendered. Big time Timmy Jim gave up eight hits in only six innings, paired with his four walks in multiple high stress innings – but he continually tight roped his way out of each fire. Part of that came from some excellent clutch pitching. Some other came from some free swinging orange and black birds.

The crowd and home television audience all collectively shit their pants held their breath on Lincecum’s final pitch of the day as Miguel Tejada slammed a line drive right back up the middle, striking Lincecum’s right shoulder. Lincecum, who was almost half way to the ground anyway thanks to his wild release, fell down to his knees, head on the grass, and remained motionless for a few seconds as they play continued on. The ball scooted out past second base after it bounced off of Lincecum’s shoulder where Freddy Sanchez made an incredible defensive play to gun out Tejada, ending the inning. Lincecum turned his head to watch the final moments of the play, almost more stunned by the situation than hurt. He walked off the field under his own power and was seen celebrating with the guys just a few moments later. The Giants medical staff said he seems okay other than a mild contusion on his right shoulder.

Moments after Lincecum was hit the Giants offense came alive in the bottom half of the 6th with back to back shots from Aubrey Huff and Juan Uribe. It was a case of anything you can do, I can do better. If you recall, Huff and Uribe went back to back on Sunday afternoon as well. Something about these day games. Huff’s shot was the 52nd splash hit for the Giants, a no doubt bomb off of a  hanging slider that sounded like a cannon blast off of the bat.

Huff didn’t even have time to celebrate his team lead in homeruns as Uribe cracked another hanging slider deep into left moments after Huff touched home. The Giants never looked back after that, ending the six game homestand 5-1.

Odd moment in the first inning of the game today. With Juan Uribe on first and Aubrey Huff on third, Pablo Sandoval hit a deep fly ball to center…maybe a foot from clearing the fence. O’s centerfielder Adam Jones looked to be under the ball but apparently lost it in the sun and/or wind as the ball bounced off his glove. Uribe, assuming there was to be a catch attempted to tag up at first while Huff did the same at third. Only problem? Panda was watching the ball and passed Uribe at first base, obviously resulting in an out. Only the Giants. Only the Giants. This of course happened the at-bat after Freddy Sanchez and Andres Torres were separated by three or four feet on their way to home on an Aubrey Huff triple. Torres was safe but Sanchez thrown out in a scene that looked eerily similar to that of the feature film Rookie Of The Year.

If only there was some Benny Hill music playing during that five minute stretch…it fit it so well.