Oh! Well, Welcome Back Tim Lincecum


Nice to see you again, gent!

Big Time Timmy Jim wasn’t exactly the Tim Lincecum we’ve all come to stalk worship, but, he was pretty damn close. A lot closer than he was just a couple weeks ago. Bochy did seem to leave Tim out there about an inning too long as he began to elevate his pitches late in the 8th – but Tim eventually got out of it after allowing a run to score. He still had a tiny bit of command issues, but, his strikeouts were very Lincecum-esque, as was his line – 8 innings, two earned runs.

Aubrey Huff had the evening off and probably spent most of the night in the Giants clubhouse playing with his Transformer dolls. I know I would have. Regardless, his “replacement”, Pat Burrell, lived up to his Pat the Bat nickname, clubbing a two-run shot deep into the left field corner which gave the Giants the lead. A lead they’d never relinquish. It was teh awesome.

Speaking of awesome things – how about Buster Posey. Seriously, this kid is Jesus in spikes. The guy has never played first base other than a handful of times before coming up to the Giants and he’s making gold glove type plays on defense just off of raw talent alone. I swear he could disarm a bomb or save a princess from a fire breathing dragon if need be. Hell, give him a scalpel and he could perform open heart surgery – WITH HIS EYES CLOSED. Sure, he’ll have his moments where a simple routine play isn’t very routine at all, but, all in all – dude is money, money, money. And if I ever need somebody to slay a fire breathing dragon, I know where to look.

One last thing I should mention – and that’s Bruce Bochy’s post-game comments on Nate Schierholtz. If you have any intention of seeing Nate man right field other than for late defensive purposes, you should lower your expectations. Bochy said after the game:

"“Nate knows what his role is going to be. We’ve got a lot of guys here … but I know I need to get Nate out there. Right now, we’re kind of using him as the double-switch, pinch-hitter, late-inning defense guy. It’s a great role for him right now, although he doesn’t want to hear that. I’m sure he wants to start but we’re kind of going with the hot hands right now."

Now, I’m a bit torn on this and I’ll touch on it later in another blog post, but right field at AT&T Park might be the toughest corner out-fielding spot in all of baseball. At worst, it’s certainly in the top 5. And with Rowand’s continued struggles, defensively, an outfield of Huff, Torres, and Burrell is downright pant pissing freighting. Even though Huff is the self-proclaimed best athlete on the team. You tell em Aubrey, you tell em.

P.S: My Giants rally hair? Omgz. So seixez.