Giants Sweep Diamondbacks In Offensive Outburst


Wow – so THIS is what scoring runs feels like eh? I’m going to be honest with you – I kinda like it. It’s been so long since we’ve had this type of stretch, I’m more used to the scoring less than a pimple faced teen on prom night type of game.

After two easy wins in the first two games of the series, the Giants had to work for the victory today. Bochy did his best to screw the Giants over, throwing in a rusty Affeldt (who hadn’t pitched in what, nearly two weeks?) right into the middle of a fire in the top half of the 8th. Affeldt lost his control after an intentional walk, which loaded the bases, and the D’backs put the go-ahead run on the board along with another to follow. Aubrey Huff kept the Giants in it with a solo homer in the bottom half, but the Diamondbacks matched that run in the top of the ninth and gave closer Chad Qualls a two run lead to play with. He couldn’t keep it.

The Giants offense attacked Qualls (who struggled Friday night as well) and not only tied the game, but, had the winning run 90 feet from home but Bengie Molina was unable to get the run across and the comeback stalled for the moment. After a scoreless tenth, the Giants once again put the pedal to the floor in the bottom of the 10th – a Juan Uribe single, followed by an Eli Whiteside single put runners on 1st and 3rd with two out and it brought Andres Torres to the plate who was 3 for 5 on the day prior to the at-bat. Torres smacked a whistling line drive into right field which plated Uribe and sent the Giants home with a sweep of the rival D’Backs.

A couple notes from the game/series:

  • Buster Posey is on FIRE. Actually, he might even be hotter than that. Posey, who played in the final two games of the series after his callup, finishes the two games 6 of 9 with 4 RBI. Not too shabby, eh?
  • Bruce Bochy is a moron. I’m sorry – he’s just…I don’t know. Putting Affeldt into the situation he did, despite the lefty/lefty matchup…was just inexplicable. It’s one thing if Affeldt had his feet under him and it was a normal situation, but it wasn’t. Your job is to put the players into a position to succeed. Not really sure he did that. Also, the Giants offense has looked so much better without guys like Aaron Rowand starting…and while I understand Rowand is making a lot of money, if it’s not producing…his paycheck shouldn’t entitle him to a starting job. He has to win it back. Period. The sad part is, I highly that will be the case. Bochy will ride his vet’s like an aging porn star.
  • If you noticed that Ryan Rohlinger slowed down coming around third base – you were right. Rohlinger was thrown out at home plate by inches, but, seemed to come up staggering as he closed in on the dish. Apparently, Rohlinger did some pretty nice damage to his hamstring and Bochy said after the game it’s pretty serious and most likely a DL trip.
  • Giants open a three game set versus the Colorado Rockies (who are on fire, btw) tomorrow afternoon. It’s a battle of two of the three Cy Young candidates in the NL as Big Time Timmy Jim will oppose Ubaldo on MLBtv tomorrow. Should be a blast. I hope. I think. Fuck, hold me.