SF Giants Gotham Club at AT&T Park: What is it?


What is The Gotham Club at AT&T Park?

The San Francisco Giants have a secret. A truly unique, beautiful, brilliant, and expensive secret.

The San Francisco Giants and fans love AT&T Park, and have brought something truly unique to their home field. It’s called The Gotham Club and is an homage to their original team, the New York Gothams. It’s a “members only” club that features fine dining, a full bar, billiards, bowling, fantastic views of the bay, and of course premiere seating on the field behind the out-of-town scoreboard in right field. You also get on-field access during batting practice.

Sounds great, right?

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, let me tell you this: It’s a pretty private and exclusive club.  If you head to The Gotham Club website, and click membership, you get this message: Membership in The Gotham Club is limited and by invitation only. So, if any of you all ever manage to become a member, please put me on your speed dial.

Aside from the SFG Productions video, there have been a few other media outlets inside The Gotham Club to pass along some of the goodness in it. Catherine Bigelow of SFGate.com has some photos from inside, as well as some information about membership (it’s expensive), and its historical influence.

"The club moniker harks back to 1883, deep into the team’s early history. Founded on the East Coast by millionaire farming magnate John B. Day and manager Jim Mutrie, the Giants were originally called the New York Gothams Base Ball Club. Legend has it that in 1885, the franchise name was changed following an extra-innings win that inspired manager Mutrie to exclaim, “My big fellows, my giants!” In 1957, the New York Giants moved west (their first season here began in 1958) and battled for 52 years to become our World Series Championship San Francisco Giants."

Joe Starkey of Thrillist really gives you a detailed look inside The Gotham Club with nice, large photos. From things like baseball stitching on the leather stools, ice cubs made into baseballs, and tons of memorabilia. Did we mentioned the bowling alley?

If you’re wondering why any would need all this during a baseball game, well the answer is simple. Sure, you can enjoy it during the game, but the idea is that you’re at the park well before the game taking in batting practice on the field, having dinner and drinks, and then enjoying your view of the game. Then celebrating at the bar afterwards.

How do I get into The Gotham Club?

Ready to go sign up? Here’s how much it’ll set you back to join The Gotham Club, according to SFWeekly.com.

"The nitty-gritty: It’ll cost you $2,500 to join this club, plus around $1,500 a season. You also have to be a season-ticket holder — or a current or former Giant. Membership will be capped at 1,000 (non-Giants) while spatial relations are assessed, and then, likely, allowed to grow. Right now, 700 season ticket-holders are members."

All I know is, private, elite, smug, or not…I need to find a way to get in there.