October 31, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants former center fielder Willie Mays waves to the crowd while riding in a car during the World Series victory parade at Market Street. The Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers in a four-game sweep to win the 2012 World Series. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Welcome to Around the Foghorn, the San Francisco Giants news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. Around the Foghorn is dedicated to providing top-notch Giants news, views and original content. This site also serves as a community for like-minded fans to come together to catch up on the latest news and to discuss their passion.

Editorial Staff

Melissa Felkins, editor

Editor of Around the Foghorn. Kentucky Bluegrass bred. Avid San Francisco Giants fan and not-so-closeted Pittsburgh Pirates fan. AT&T Park is my second favorite place on earth, the first being Scottsdale Stadium during Spring Training. Halfway through visiting all the MLB stadiums. Fueled by Coca-Cola and Chuck Taylors.

Mark ONeill, Senior Staff Writer

Bleeding Dodger Blue from a depraved SoCal upbringing, we were nine kids in all, a ready-made baseball team. An army veteran, I relocated to San Jose in 1974, where I became a professional student, attending San Jose State for the next eight years. There was no internet, I could not get Vinny’s voice on the radio, and the Dodgers had just been creamed by that team across the Bay, so I became an ardent fan of the San Francisco Giants, by simply turning on the radio. Sans electricity and running water, I moved up on a ridge-top in Northern Mendocino County in 1982, and together with my wife Annie, raised three sons on 20 acres. Still on that mountain, retired from teaching language arts to middle schoolers in Laytonville, I am living the dream of experiencing a Giants team which stacks up with the best of all time.

Denise Walos, editor

Originally from NY, moved to the Bay Area in October 2005. An extremely opinionated Giants fan who loves the game of baseball. Also an amateur photographer and an Ironman triathlete with a busy day job. Started my first fanzine at the age of 15 and never looked back.

Timmy Kennedy, Staff Writer

A Northern Irish, San Francisco Giants fan. Weird, I know. Writing for Around the Foghorn and Call to the Pen. I spend my time watching baseball at 3am, and writing.

Eric Nathanson, Staff Writer

Originally from the Chicago area, somehow living in Tampa, Florida. My father was from New York and passed the Giants on to me at a young age. I grew up to stories of Mays, Irvin, Rhodes, and Durocher. From there it was on to Marichal, McCovey, and the Alous. I was an umpire for 20 years and learned under MLB umpires. There is no problem in the world that can't be solved by my meatballs.

Michael Dixon, Staff Writer

Dixon was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and has been a lifelong fan of the San Francisco teams. As a fan of baseball, Dixon prefers the traditional National League small ball approach. In fantasy, he loves the mashers.

Nick Vezmar, Staff Writer

Born and raised in the Bay Area. Self-proclaimed sports nut, wine expert, and computer genius. Giants fan since I could remember my first thought, Warriors too, and Chicago for everything else sports-related. Love numbers and everything about them. AT&T Park is my Disneyland.

Matthew Lottice, Staff Writer

I'm a Bay Area native who graduated from Loyola Marymount University. I pull for the hometown Giants and am a general baseball fan too. If you want to know more about me, I'm on Twitter @MattJ2345. I only ask you keep questions relatively clean and in the strike zone for our younger crowd's sake!

Jacob Fagan, Staff Writer

19, Northern California native and I've been a hardcore Giants/MLB fan since I could remember. Freshman in college. Pro-sabermetrics. Hate batting average. Hate RBI. Hate every counting statistic, basically. I live in a world where Chipper Jones is better than Derek Jeter and you can still be a good hitter if you have a bad batting average. Enormously opinionated that it gets me in trouble sometimes. Yes, I'm Pro-BarryBondsShouldBeInTheHallOfFame and Pro-IfYouPutOneCheaterInYouHaveToAllOfThemIn.

Audrey Bigelow, Staff Writer

I am a born and bred Northern California girl now living halfway between SF and LA, yet I'm trapped in Dodgers territory. My love of baseball was born at Candlestick Park in the late 80's/early 90's and has only gotten stronger. I cried when the Giants missed the playoffs in '93 and I will never forget how devastated I was. I watched the last 3 innings of Game 4 of the 2002 World Series from the right field standing area for free but I'm still waiting to go to my first World Series game with actual seats in the stadium. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later! It's been hard for me to love any Giant more than I loved JT Snow but Hunter Pence is making a strong case. It's all about heart, hustle and love for the game!

Erin Wild, Staff Writer

Born and raised in the Midwest, Erin grew up listening to the Reds with her Grandpa Harvey. Indians fan by birth, Giants fan by choice. The rest is pine tar.

Alex Pettitt, Staff Writer

I grew up in Fresno, CA. My best friend was a Giants fan but, I didn't get into baseball until I met my wife in 2008. Since then, I've become a Giants fan and have been fortunate enough to enjoy many Giants adventures with my spouse. I was unemployed during 2012 and was Ghostwriting for Around The Foghorn. I suppose it was time for me to actually put my name on the blogs I was posting and stop embarrassing Melissa with my horrible grammar and misspelled words.

Chirag Jhatakia, Staff Writer

Chirag was born and raised in San Jose, where he currently lives. His love for the Giants began early in life. Rumor has it that even his diapers were orange and black. A Pharmacist by career, he feels his other job in life is to follow the Giants.

Braden Cartwright, Staff Writer

Kyle Franzoni, MLB Editorial Director

Kyle Franzoni has the unfortunate distinction of having his very first baseball memory be that of Mookie Wilson's slow grounder going through the legs of Bill Buckner. Since then, it has been an up and down love affair with the game, which naturally lead to putting his thoughts to digital paper and trying his hand at writing about the game he loves. A native of Vermont, where he lives with his wife and twin sons, Kyle is editor of Jays Journal and is the Editorial Director for FanSided MLB.

Stuart Jones, Staff Writer

Born and raised in San Jose and currently live in Long Beach, CA, I'd been a casual baseball fan for years up until the past couple years where I really started getting into the finer points of the game and the statistics of the game. Why don't I tell you a little about what I believe: -Pitching does win championships but... -Self-imposed caps are ridiculous (they'd probably be less ridiculous if I owned the team) -I would only pay $6,000,000 at the most for a closer ("Never pay for saves") -I don't understand why so many people want Jack Morris in the HoF -Buying out arbitration years in team-friendly contracts is something I'm a big proponent of -I'm not on the "you did PEDs" or "I suspect you of PEDs therefore no HoF for you" bandwagon, although I did start there -AT&T Park is the most beautiful park in ever That'll do for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my writing!

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