Stuart Jones

Born and raised in San Jose and currently live in Long Beach, CA, I'd been a casual baseball fan for years up until the past couple years where I really started getting into the finer points of the game and the statistics of the game. Why don't I tell you a little about what I believe:-Pitching does win championships but...-Self-imposed caps are ridiculous (they'd probably be less ridiculous if I owned the team)-I would only pay $6,000,000 at the most for a closer ("Never pay for saves")-I don't understand why so many people want Jack Morris in the HoF-Buying out arbitration years in team-friendly contracts is something I'm a big proponent of-I'm not on the "you did PEDs" or "I suspect you of PEDs therefore no HoF for you" bandwagon, although I did start there-AT&T Park is the most beautiful park in everThat'll do for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my writing!