Jules Posner

Jules Posner is a San Francisco native, Giants fan and stand up comedian. Jules cut his teeth in his hometown of San Francisco, where he honed his act by yelling over rowdy bar crowds, coffee grinders, and shouty vagrants that have become commonplace in the San Francisco comedy scene. Quickly his act evolved from laid-back observational humor to a unique blend of narrative and fearless improvisation that has earned him constant bookings at every major comedy club in the Bay Area and comedy festivals nationwide. Now Based in Los Angeles, he is one of those comics whose writing and delivery make standup seem like it’s just a funny person talking off the top of their head. Reality isn’t far behind the illusion; his riffing paces his written material in quality.​ Jules has earned spots opening for some of the biggest names in comedy and he performs regularly at festivals, clubs, and indie shows around the country and was named “not a poser” by Skateboard Magazine’s “Are You a Poser?” quiz. When he’s not doing comedy, Jules enjoys keeping it real.