Danny Vietti

I am passionate about my work, family, baseball, and becoming a better person. I would like to build my resume in order to begin my young career on the right path. I currently am a pitcher for the University of San Francisco Dons. I am a gifted writer, which is why I have decided to major in Media Studies and minor in Journalism. I received an internship at Upper Deck, received my first freelance opportunity as a sports writer for the Record Searchlight, and am currently the co-editor for Around the Foghorn. Along with my writing talents, I was born with a motivated personality that has led me to tremendous opportunities. As a result, I plan to use my determination and drive to make a difference in this world. The truth is, nobody is going to end discrimination or stop terrorism or save humanity alone, however, the ability to work with others and change the world in as many ways possible allows us to set the tone and lead a path for others. Ultimately, I look forward to developing relationships with others and seeing where my career takes me.