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SF Giants MLB Draft 2020 recap: Uninspiring picks but system shows improvement

SF Giants hat. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
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SF Giants 68th pick overall: Shortstop Jimmy Glowenke, Dallas Baptist University

I do like the scrappy, middle infield profile and that seems to be what Jimmy Glowenke brings to the table. Also, Dallas Baptist University is not known as a college powerhouse, but they seem to be well-versed in the analytics of baseball:

Glowenke had an outstanding career in college. In three seasons, the right-handed bat generated a .340/.433/.506 line with 17 home runs and 100 RBI. This included a 10.5 percent walk rate against an 11.9 percent strikeout rate.

Similar to Bailey and Schmitt, Glowenke controls the strike zone well while demonstrating a contact-oriented approach as he grinds out at-bats.

In terms of offensive profile, the middle infielder is a hit-over-power as he is known for lacing line drives all over the field.

With the glove, Glowenke played primarily as a shortstop in college, but he does not have the speed or range to stick there. Second base is a likelier long-term position, but the Giants will probably try him out at third base as well.

This was not the most exciting pick. Glowenke has a high floor, but that ceiling is not that high. Similar to Schmitt, this pick will be an interesting test of the team’s development process to see if they can create more loft in his swing.

My assumption is, the ability to control the strike zone is a necessary quality to be able to create better hitters in the labs that today’s teams are using to perform experiments. They’re essentially mad scientists at this point.