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Giants: Four players on the roster bubble entering spring training

Nick San Miguel
Giants outfielder Steven Duggar. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Giants outfielder Steven Duggar. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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There are multiple spots up for grabs on the San Francisco Giants roster and several players teetering on the roster bubble. Ahead we’ve highlighted four such players.

The San Francisco Giants have many holes on their roster as it is currently comprised. From the outfield to the starting rotation and on to the bullpen, the roster is far from set.

That leaves some notable players on the roster bubble with something to prove heading into spring training.

Guys like Dereck Rodriguez and Steven Duggar were guaranteed a spot on the roster in 2019, but they will have to prove themselves in 2020 if they want to start the year in the big leagues once again.

Then there are others who got a taste of the big leagues in 2019 but did not do enough to show that they should definitely be on the team. Among that category are left-handed pitchers Andrew Suarez and Conner Menez.

Both southpaws had some decent showings in 2019, but it would be surprising if either one of them wormed their way into the starting rotation based on their performance in spring training. A more likely path onto the team would be as long relievers and even that would require a pretty impressive spring.

A lot depends on what new manager Gabe Kapler is looking for on the team.

He comes in with no affinity for Duggar or Rodriguez and the promise they showed in 2019. He is getting a fresh look and will likely not make his decisions based on who is a familiar face because the familiar faces have not been getting it done as of late.

The following slides will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the players on the bubble and what they will have to do to warrant making the Opening Day roster. It will not be easy, but maybe having to earn a spot is the motivation these players need to reach their potential.