San Francisco Giants: Final 2019 Top 30 Prospects (30-21)

By Marc Delucchi
SF Giants hat. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
SF Giants hat. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /
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21. OF Jairo Pomares

Age: 19
Acquired: IFA (2018)
Future Value: 40
Stock: +3 spots

Jairo Pomares was one of the San Francisco Giants big international free-agent signings last summer, but he came with a bit more certainty than the average IFA. He defected from Cuba, so he was older than the typical prospect, but came with a more extensive track record.

From the moment scouts first saw Pomares he’s been a perfectly solid prospect. His game doesn’t have any obvious flaws, but it also lacks a carrying tool. His ceiling is as an above-average hitter and defender with 45-grade power. Depending on the fate of the juiced ball, he could be a very valuable piece.

Even if the tools don’t quite develop to that level, Pomares still has the potential to be playable in every outfield spot and he makes consistent enough content to be a valuable fourth outfielder.

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