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San Francisco Giants: 5500 Words on the 2019 MLB Draft

2019 SF Giants 1st-round pick, Hunter Bishop, right, celebrates with Michael Gasper of the Brewster Whitecaps during game one of the Cape Cod League Championship Series. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
2019 SF Giants 1st-round pick, Hunter Bishop, right, celebrates with Michael Gasper of the Brewster Whitecaps during game one of the Cape Cod League Championship Series. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
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12th round (356th overall) Bryant University LHP Chris Wright
13th round (386th overall) Butler RF Harrison Freed
14th round (416th overall) Georgetown RHP Nick Morreale
15th round (446th overall) Arizona State 2B Carter Aldrete
16th round (476th overall) North Carolina C Brandon Martorano
17th round (506th overall) UC-Riverside RHP Connor Cannon
18th round (536th overall) Univ. of West Alabama RHP Cole Waites
19th round (566th overall) Mission College RHP Kanoa Pagan
20th round (596th overall) St. Cloud State CF Najee Gaskins

This section of the draft tends to be a mix of prospects and roster filler.

Wright played both ways at Bryant University and on the Cape last summer, but his performance made it clear his future is on the mound. He struck out 21 batters in less than 12 innings while hitting under .200 over the summer.

He works off a high-spin rate fastball that ranges from the high-80s to low-90s with a breaking ball that flashes plus. A Bryant spokesperson was very high on Wright’s prospects once he focuses solely on pitching and it’s pretty easy to see why. This past season, he struck out 64 batters in less than 35 innings with a 2.36 ERA.

Freed is another outfielder with power as his calling card who took major steps forward in his junior year. This profile shows up throughout the class and seems to be a preference of the new front office.

Unable to manage even a .290 on-base percentage as a sophomore, Freed made adjustments that helped him begin producing at the Northwoods League. That carried over through his junior season and he finished the year with 17 home runs and a .376/.448/.684 line.

Morreale should receive a six-figure signing bonus. He works off a two-pitch mix that combines a low-90s fastball that has played up out of the bullpen with a solid slider. He’s struggled with control over his career and his stuff suggests a future in the bullpen.

Aldrete is another legacy name from a baseball family. His father and uncle both played in the Giants system and his uncle is currently the assistant hitting coach for the Oakland Athletics. As a prospect, he offers positional versatility. He was selected as a second baseman but probably could handle third base and the corner outfield. He has a bit of raw power and held his own on the Cape last year. That might give him a chance to exceed expectations.

Martorano has a classic backup catcher profile with some raw power and contact issues, but a strong defensive profile. He’s a good defender with a plus-arm behind the plate, but only managed a .241/.302/.431 line on the Cape.

Cannon has power on par with Armani Smith’s and he would have made for another interesting watch with the bat. The Giants have different plans, though. He also has a fastball that sits mid-90s and the Giants announced him as a pitcher. He only threw nine innings in his college career while mashing 18 home runs this spring alone. Could this be the Giants first venture into two-way territory?

Waites has below-average control with a mid-90s fastball and underdeveloped secondaries that give him a reliever profile. Pagan is an intriguing project who has added a lot of velocity since enrolling in JUCO. He now sits 94-97, according to his advisor, but didn’t exactly dominate with a 5.57 ERA this season. Gaskins’ mother was an Olympic sprinter and running is his calling card with plus-plus speed. He’s able to cover a lot of ground in center field and even showed a little pop at Dll St. Cloud State.

A source familiar with the situation suggested Gaskins is likely going pro and all of the other picks seem to have a very good shot to fill out the Giants lower-level minor league rosters if they sign. The Giants did a good job here of identifying guys with at least one tool that could turn them into legit prospects.