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Brand New Infield Won’t Be Enough For New Look San Diego Padres

By Michael Saltzman
PEORIA, AZ - FEBRUARY 21: Eric Hosmer
PEORIA, AZ - FEBRUARY 21: Eric Hosmer /
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PEORIA, AZ – FEBRUARY 21: Eric Hosmer
PEORIA, AZ – FEBRUARY 21: Eric Hosmer /

It’s now time for Around the Foghorn to look at their National League West rivals, and first up are those pesky San Diego Padres.

The Padres, who have given the San Francisco Giants Kevin Mitchell, Dave Dravecky, Criag Lefferts, Bruce Bochy, Tim Flannery and the 2010 NL West title over the years, have also found ways to beat Giants 12 times last season and finish ahead of them in the standings.

This despite the fact that the Padres were in a full rebuild last season and the Giants came into the season expecting to compete for a playoff appearance.

The Padres did something they rarely do over the years and spent big  this off-season. One of the best available players on the open market was former Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer. San Diego offered him an eight year contract worth $144 million.

This is certainly not the same Padres ownership.

Flannery has not held back in his criticism of the organization over the years after leaving San Diego along with Bochy after the 2006 season. There was clearly a long tradition of going for it and then breaking the team down and rebuilding that did not sit well with many.

While that has seemed to continue ever since, it seems like there could be a turning point with the Hosmer signing. Will this be the first domino in the same way Jayson Werth signing in Washington changed that organization forever when it came to spending? Or will it be an outlier that will lead to future trades and rebuilds that will continue the cycle?

Only time will tell on those questions. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the 2018 San Diego Padres.