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What Matt Cain Has Meant to the San Francisco Giants

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Your Thoughts on the Perfect Game:

Theriot: The perfect game was impressive, but not surprising. Matt had dominant stuff.

Coppinger: The perfect game, for me, was one of the most amazing nights of my life. My Grandfather and I attended Spring Training every year from 2005-2011, and Matt Cain was always among the most gracious Giants. He was always signing autographs and interacting with fans. He was very genuine and relatable. So to see him out there, etching his name into the history books, was a terrific thrill.

Delfino: First off, it was vintage Matt Cain. He was overpowering and dominant all night long as you would expect any pitcher to be who is throwing a perfect game. But he seemed to be in an even higher “zone” than normal that night. His pitch count was high (125 pitches) but that happens when you strike out 14 batters! Just a spectacular performance. But I also felt relief after the perfect game. You always figured Cain would eventually throw a no-hitter and up to that point he’d been close (4 one hitters) but never had a no-no. There was always a bloop hit or a hit by the opposing pitcher or some odd occurrence that prevented him from getting one. But that night it all came together. He had his dominant stuff. He had run support and he had a defense that made plays all night, with the most electrifying one turned in by Gregor Blanco. This time the breaks went his way and the result was of course the perfect game.

Fracchia: I was living with my mother at the time, taking care of her. (She later died of cancer.) Earlier, we’d gone out to a local library event, and came home, so I missed the first four innings. I was watching the game downstairs in my room. After Blanco’s great catch, I went upstairs. I told my mom that baseball history was happening, and that we had to see it. We watched the rest of the game together. My mother never quite understood my love and my passion for baseball, but she did love my enthusiasm for the game. 

Celeste Johnston of Fresno: I spent the game at home pacing and listening on the radio (we did not have cable that year.) I paced and kept shouting helpful things such as “STAY CALM!” I just knew he could hear me from my living room!

Knudsen: My dad and I were lucky enough to be at Cain’s Perfect Game. I took him for an early Father’s Day present. We were walking around the ballpark when we noticed Cain had 5 perfect innings. So we kept moving around and watched each inning from a different part of the park. I remember my heart pumping harder during the ninth inning than any other intense sports moment in my life. I wanted so badly for Cain to complete this incredible feat. After the game was over, we were one of the last fans there, taking pictures of the scoreboard and going over all the incredible moments during the game. My dad still talks about Cain’s Perfect Game every Father’s Day. Cain came close to pitching a No-Hitter earlier that season. He tossed a 1-hitter, and it was the opposing pitcher who got the knock. Almost. So close. I remember times when Cain had a no hitter broken up in the 7th or 8th & we would say “He’ll get one.” Well, he got one. And it was perfect.

Sheri M: The perfect game was so well deserved. The support of his teammates made it even better, like Blanco’s catch in the game and the Buster hug after!

Nehme: The perfect game is something I will never forget because each inning was becoming more thrilling and suspenseful with each pitch.

Rissotto: He had his best stuff working and had the defense to back him up. I’ve never seen anyone to this day play in the gap like Gregor Blanco was playing in that seventh inning. Pretty incredible

Rule: My wife Heather and I stayed home to finish watching it rather than drive to Vegas to visit family like we had planned. And to this day, we are so glad we did. I feel that game was the pinnacle of a great career for him. He still would have gone down as one of the Giants best pitchers even without it, but that performance pushed him over the hill just that much more.