The San Francisco Giants need to stop running out Pablo Sandoval

The San Francisco Giants need to get the idea that the show is over with Pablo Sandoval.

“CUT. THAT’S A WRAP.” That probably should’ve happened when Pablo hit that home-run to end his 0-39 streak. But the San Francisco Giants somehow think there is more left to the script. There isn’t. The experiment is over. It’s time to actually help themselves and give some serious time to the young players deserving of it.

The story was nice. Pablo was pretty awful in bean-town and a significant waste of money for the Red Sox organization, but that’s really nothing new for them. They release him (again nothing new), and the Giants, wallowing in their misery as they spiraled too 100 losses and the end of their precious “sellout streak” took a chance. They went out and signed Pablo to a super cheap deal with an option for next year, and stuck him in the minors to see if he still had it. But of course he didn’t.

In close to 40 AB’s in the minors he compiled 8 hits, two of which were extra-base hits, and seven hits. Apparently that was good enough, while they took nearly three and a half weeks to decide Christian Arroyo batting over .400 was good enough to warrant a call up.

Pablo made his apology, to both teammates and fans, as he should’ve. He had a few cool hits to spur them on to rare victory, slugged a massive home-run in Washington DC, had his average peak to .288, before falling into a deep 0-39 slump that was broken by a home-run in Chicago. Now his average for the year is all the way down to .194. His batting average has dropped ninety points, and he’s only had two games off.

The gig is up BOBBY! I doubt he’s reading this, but on the off chance he is, I implore him to stop wasting time with Pablo Sandoval. There is a better option: Kelby Tomlinson.

He’s hitting better than Pablo. I can prove it. .265>.194. There, done. On top of that, he’s getting on base at a .350 clip. Not a power hitter, no. But is Pablo at this point? He’s also only made one error in 100+ innings at third base. Granted, Pablo has way more innings, but he’s already had three errors. You could make it a toss up in terms of fielding, but right now the bat doesn’t come close.

We wrote earlier that the Giants were wasting a chance to get something out of this season. But they aren’t. Just another bad evaluation of the situation from Bobby Evans. Those are really starting to increase in number. At some point, the Giants have to make a good choice somewhere. It’s time Bobby. Do the right thing, for once.