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San Francisco Giants: Envisioning the 2018 Starting Rotation

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 30: Pitcher Madison Bumgarner
LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 30: Pitcher Madison Bumgarner /
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LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 30: Pitcher Madison Bumgarner /

It just might seem that the San Francisco Giants’ dynasty is set to come to a close here. 2017 will be their third straight season without a title, after winning one every other year through the first five years of the decade.

Now that the 2017 San Francisco Giants’ season result has come clearly into view, we can sort of turn a quick eye to 2018. We’ll be continuing to do these over the next few days. But our first one is an attempt to predict who will be in the starting rotation when the 2018 season kicks off. Of course, this is based on mere speculation. But it’s always fun to speculate.

So first, we’ll start off with the incumbent ace, and the man we all know will, and should be back next season.

LHP, Madison Bugarner


Ok, that’s not all. Bumgarner is starting on Opening Day barring another insane accident or random injury. It’s hard to imagine a Madison Bumgarner-less Giants, and hopefully they get a contract worked out this summer, so that won’t happen. Expect Mad-Bum to be on the mound come opening day. And he’ll be back, ready to prove again that he is one of the most dominant starters in baseball.