San Francisco Giants Madness: 13-16 Seeds Announced

By Michael Saltzman
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Every year, I set up a 64 player bracket to see which players San Francisco Giants fans consider the best in team history. I limit the choices to players who have played for the Giants since they moved to California in 1958. Using Baseball Reference to determine value and seeding is a huge part of the brackets as well. Wins Above Replacement is one of the main stats used to decide the seeding.

Over the next four weeks, we will be revealing the bracket for San Francsico Giants fans. Voting will take place on Twitter. Go to my Twitter account at @CandlestickWill for the official brackets. We will include links to each bracket in future articles as well.

As we reveal the bottom four seeds, let the debating begin as to who is ranked too high, who is ranked too low and who is missing entirely. Please let us know if there are Giants players that deserve to be a part of this game that we have not included.

Some players who just missed the cut, but are members of the San Francisco Giants Wall of Fame at AT&T Park include Marvin Benard, Jeff Brantley, John Burkett, Tito Fuentes, Johnnie LeMaster, Kirt Manwaring, Randy Moffitt and Rick Reuschel.

So without further delay, here are the 16 seeds: