San Francisco Giants: Sergio Romo’s Top Five Moments

By Daniel Sperry
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San Francisco Giants
July 6, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey (28, left) and relief pitcher Sergio Romo (54, right) celebrate after the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at AT /

Romo Moment Number 3: ALL the Promotional Ads

While our last favorite Romo moment, or moments, included his antics on the field, his antics in many of the San Francisco Giants promotional advertisements are going to be greatly missed. Romo was a fantastic advertiser, and did a great job of making people talk about the upcoming promotions. Here are a couple of my favorite Romo Ads.

The first one has to be the original Mi Amor ad. Romo let his latino heritage stand out. The flamboyant, loud, joyful, and entertaining man teamed up with Buster Posey for the original Mi Amor ad, setting it up for a telenovela style advertisement. Buster Posey faked tears, and Romo and Posey could barely keep a straight face the whole time. Take a look, as our words don’t do the ad enough justice:

Another one of our favorites is easily the second Mi Amor Ad. This time, they played off the original, and brought in fellow latino teammate, Javy Lopez. This time, Buster, Javy, and Sergio discussed the promotions all over again, only with a little more telenovela drama. The promotions! So many will be sad as there will be no  “Mi Amor Tres.” Anyways, take a look at “Mi Amor Dos,” likely the last Sergio Romo promotional.